In addition to the Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre’s educational and instructional programs, the Centre’s gallery encourages artistic growth by providing the opportunity for members and local artists to exhibit their work. We take pleasure in showcasing the work of both emerging and known artists and strive to exhibit a variety of visual art forms for the surrounding community to enjoy. Admission is free of charge.

About the Gallery

The Centre’s gallery hosts seven or eight exhibitions each year. The annual Members’ Exhibition is an opportunity for member artists, working in any medium, to exhibit their work. Our art rental program and gift shop also provide exposure for the public, other members, and the exhibitions committee to see your work.

The exhibitions committee schedules solo or small group exhibitions with artists who have proposed a show or have been invited by us to show their work. Exhibiting artists range from those with experience producing solo shows in other galleries, to emerging artists who have the courage to produce and show their work for the first time. If you are thinking of having your first exhibition but aren’t sure where to start, you are encouraged to participate in our Members’ Exhibitions, the Celebrating Members Corner and perhaps in juried exhibitions in other galleries. Some artists also begin by exhibiting with one or two other artists.

Directions to ICAC

Contact ICAC

Do you want a show in the ICAC Gallery?

Artists from the local community are encouraged to contact the Centre at 519-485-4691 for information or to discuss their ideas. Member and non-member artists are welcome to exhibit in our gallery. Slots book a year or more in advance.

For your exhibition proposal, you will need

  • A body of related work already in progress. It is strongly suggested the work has not been previously exhibited in Oxford County.
  • A brief description of the proposed exhibition (our gallery is approximately 460 square feet with wall space for about 35 linear feet of hanging artwork).
  • A brief artist’s statement.
  • If we are not familiar with your work, we will want to see samples or up to 10 images of recent work with an accompanying image list detailing the artist’s name, title, date, medium, and the dimension of each work. Digital images should be in jpeg format no larger than 1024 x 768 pixels at 72 dpi.

Current Exhibitions