Why Not? by Pat Armstrong, Ruth Davis, Cathy Groulx, Rita Milton and Cyn Williamson

March 4th to March 25th, 2018

Sponsored by Ponting Financial Group


Artist Statements for Exhibition at the Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre 2018


I am drawn to painting nature’s textures, colours and hidden areas that generally do not contain input or signs of  human interference.

While this often charges me to paint living things, this particular work focus on rock faces. While their very presence was created thousands of years ago as the earth evolved, they would never have been seen had they not been exposed by man.
While driving through rocky areas,  rock faces are exposed where a road has been blasted through them. They often have surfaces exposing magnificent veins of colour and pattern. Unfortunately many of the best ones are in areas where one can not stop safely to take photos.

These paintings represent  a few where a photographer succeeded.



If I’ve made you feel something, just a little bit, then I have succeeded in my goal.  It has always been and continues to be my unyielding desire to move people emotionally through expressive visual, sculptural art, and art of written form.




True Strength            is          Gentle

True Gentleness       is           Strength

As a small child I remember things ‘catching’ my eye.  Having crayons and colored pencils, many hours were spent exploring colors.  When my youngest child was just a toddler I embarked on my journey to further my art interest.   Local teachers in the small villages close to home gave me a jumping off point.  Watercolor painting was explored at the Woodstock Art Gallery.  Many trips near and far exposed new ideas and methods with international teachers assisting along the way.  Traveling across continents and oceans has brought me much joy, new friends and given me the chance to see many of the world’s masterpieces.