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Artists Statements

Linda Dineen

Creativity is integral to the balance in Linda’s life and fibre art has long been the focus of her creative expression. She is drawn to the warmth, organic feel, texture and versatility of fabric and fibres. In fibre art there are no rules, only endless possibilities. Solving the technical challenges of painting and sculpting with a broad range of conventional and unconventional fibres, involves the joy of discovering and at times creating new techniques. Linda loves the harmony created by the movement of undulating flowing lines, the subtle interaction of colour, and the fusion of textures.

Working in an Unfettered manner was at the forefront of Linda’s mind as she created pieces for this exhibition. By listening attentively and patiently, she was led though the evolution of pieces that pushed her as a fibre artist. She hopes you enjoy the freed, unbound quality she tried to capture.

“Strength in Fragility” by Linda Dineen
“Effervescence” by Linda Dineen

Linda Ridley

Whether it was sewing, knitting or exploring the latest craft activity, Linda has always had a need to express herself creatively. Since joining the ICAC Fibre Arts Bunch she has explored wide range of surface design techniques and furthered her understanding of basic art principles while developing her own style as an evolving fibre artist. Her most recent interest is to perfect her free-motion stitchery skills while mastering the art of thread painting.

With her sewing machine as a paint brush, a hoop and embroidery thread, she uses a variety of free-motion stitches to transform a picture into a small work of art. She likes to focus on the fine details found in nature such as the veins of a leaf, the feathers of a bird or the delicate fronds of a fern. She has learned and practised techniques from classes taught by thread painting artists Nancy Bergman, Roberta Whitmore and Kathy Tidswell and books by Alison Holt as well as ideas on Pinterest.

For this exhibit Linda does not feel that her work is really “Unfettered” in a sense because it is so finely detailed and controlled but that is where her energies are presently focused. She does hope that the viewer appreciates the detail.

“Per-chic-or-ee” (Goldfinch bird call) by Linda Ridley
“Trail to Spirit Rock in Wiarton” by Linda Ridley

Gerie Noordam

As a young girl, Gerie’s hobby was working with different fibres, sewing, knitting, etc. This has become her passion. She takes photographs of her surroundings; lakes, landscapes and nature are her inspiration.

Gerie’s wall hangings are created from wool that is needle felted then machine and hand stitched with different threads. Other wall hangings are made from fabrics such as silk, cotton, satin, dyed cheesecloth and threads. Creating these fibre wall hangings gives Gerie great pleasure and satisfaction.

“Birch Tranquility” by Gerie Noordam
“Under the Big Tree” by Gerie Noordam

Audrianna DeSouza

Audrianna DeSouza is a Fibre Artist experimenting with the medium of Assemblage.  Her work juxtaposes contrasting textures: rough vs. smooth, contemporary vs. antiquated, organic vs. synthetic, refined vs. primitive, simple vs. complex.  She begins with a foundational palette and builds up a series of textural layers, adding a pop of colour throughout to bring the piece to life.  You will notice her whimsical penchant for blingy bits: glittered ribbon, shiny fabrics and bold beads!

In her piece, Fuchsia on Concrete, she begins with exploring a concrete compound applied to a wooden surface.  The warm grey tones invite the addition of a soft, shimmery organza as well as the contrast of smooth, metallic, elongated tiles.  The found photography offers visual interest to anchor the abstract nature of the assemblage, with a finishing flourish of  fuchsia ribbon.

The visual promise of architecture is a fascinating one that offers endless arrays of art and beauty set against a backdrop of landscape and sky.  Architectural Extrapolations celebrates the straight sturdy edges of traditional architecture by superimposing the decorative detail of an ornamental façade.  Representing a wrought iron gateway, it invites entrance into a world where hard and soft co-exist, and strict dimension is blurred as it makes room for greater visual freedom.

“Fuchsia on Concrete” by Audrianna DeSouza
“Architectural Extrapolations” by Audriana DeSouza

Sharyn Hammond

Creativity comes in many different forms.  Fibre art has always been a means to enhance the creative process.  Texture gives Sharyn the ability to provide a layering process that is unique to each art piece to ensure her art is visually and texturally pleasing.

Sharyn’s love of nature provides her with a bounty of ideas.  Trees, leaves and flowers are prominent in her work.  Nature has many emotions, which provide a challenging use of colour and texture to express the images she produces.  Manipulation of fabric, yarns and other textiles forces Sharyn to use different techniques, which is vital in testing her creativity.  These techniques will allow her to produce art pieces that create a mood.  Sharyn’s art pieces in this exhibition will contain many techniques using silk fusion, beading, and fabric dyeing, along with wet felting.  For embellishing, Sharyn has used yarns, 100% wool fabric and roving, cheesecloth, beads, leathers and organza leaves. As you view Sharyn’s art pieces, please enjoy how her techniques, colours, texture and layering all compliment each other in order to give fibre art meaning

“Repurposed” by Sharyn Hammond
“Ice Wine” by Sharyn Hammond

“Keeping the Stones Warm” by Sharyn Hammond

Trish Lockie

Trish derives much satisfaction from exploring the nooks and crannies of fabric and fibre. Fabric and paper collage, painting and dyeing, weaving, embroidery, thread painting and felting have added techniques and materials to her fibre toolbox. 

These are used to produce a “concept piece” where a personal or broader social issue niggles in her head until she finds a way to create a visual construction that expresses her feelings on the topic.

It is an exciting journey and she so enjoys the ride.

“The Estrangement” 
by Trish Lockie

“#METOO” by Trish Lockie

Sharon Meek

Sharon Meek is a fabric artist.  In developing her fabric pieces, she uses different fabrics and textures to achieve her desired results.  Sharon’s work is generally from an abstract perspective in design and flow.  She uses naturally died fabrics, hand fired metals and incorporates almost anything that seems to work including buttons, threads, yarns, copper wire, beads and forgotten (found) jewelry.  She is also fond of bleached resist and rusting fabric. Sharon’s inspiration comes from many different sources for example: nature, other artists and magazines and books.  For this show Unfettered she has used naturally died fabric as a background and cheesecloth to enhance along with buttons, metals and yarns. Sharon has also made use of handmade paper for added texture.

“Scattered Leaves” by Sharon Meek
“Abstract Beige” by Sharon Meek

Lynda Williams

Lynda Williams is a fibre artist whose love of nature and colour inspires her art pieces. She combines machine and hand work in exploring with cloth, thread, yarn, wool roving, found treasures and embellishments and finds inspiration from Pinterest, You Tube, fibre arts books and magazines, 

She enjoys learning new techniques and skills and is encouraged and supported by the Fibre Arts Bunch (FAB) of Ingersoll Creative Art Centre.

“Free Spirit” by Lynda Williams
“Stupendous Stitching Book Cover”
by Lynda Williams

Carol Stoyles

Carol is drawn to the shapes and textures of nature and to the fall colour palette.  She has recently been smitten with weaving, working with a variety of yarns, cords and ribbons, mostly on a small pin loom.

“three cream weavings” by 
Carol Stoyles
“Sunlit Maples” by Carol Stoyles

Irma Makariuaite

Irma Makariunaite is a mixed media artist. Her solo exhibition “Synergy” was recently on display at the Tillsonburg Station Arts Centre. While most of her work is predominantly acrylic and mixed media, Irma has also been delving into the area of fibre arts. One of Irma’s favourite techniques is rug hooking, which she has been exploring in the last decade alongside her mixed media works. A number of the artist’s hooked rugs have been accepted to the Fibre Content juried competition at the Art Gallery of Burlington in 2018, with one of the pieces having been selected to travel throughout museums of northern Ontario until 2020.

Inspired by her mother’s works in fibre, the technique of nuno-felting is Irma’s recent exploration.  Having joined the Fibre Arts Bunch at the Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre has given Irma an opportunity to explore an alternate method of artistic expression and a way to honour her mom.

“Tobacco Kilns of South-Western Ontario” by Irma Makariunaite
“Ocean Waves” by Irma Makariunaite

Mary Ann Rich

As a quilter turned fibre artist, Mary Ann’s artistic vision is just beginning to emerge.  She is now somewhat able to understand her own unique juxtaposition of the myriad of fabrics that go into the construction of her quilts. Suddenly a tsunami of tactility… knitting, weaving, crocheting, felting, embroidery and fabric manipulation has exploded Mary Ann’s senses.  Texture and neutrality are her present passions.  When she awakes from the enormity of this bombardment, perhaps she will better understand her own creative process.  Until then, it’s been a great ride and with awe and excitement Mary Ann feels she is headed in the right direction.

“Memories” by Mary Ann Rich
“Whirling Dervishes” by Mary Ann Rich

Reta Budd

Nature reaches deep into Reta’s soul and, touching her soul, demands expression.  In particular, trees symbolize the divine and Reta’s spirit responds to that divinity; is guided by and replenished through it.

Photos and her pencil and watercolour sketches inspire Reta’s work.  Of late, she has been using the rough edge applique technique to bring her pieces to life. Reta is a founding member of the Fibre Arts Bunch at the Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre.  Her work has been accepted and won awards in juried shows in Canada as well as exhibited internationally.

“After the Rain” by Reta Budd

“Spring Time” by Reta Budd

Jim Wilford

“The Garden Path” by Jim Wilford

A wall hanging developed from a photograph.  Fused applique, acrylic paint, coloured pencils, thread work, and free motion quilting

“Out of Africa” by Jim Wilford

Wall piece developed from African style fabrics and fabrics from Durban South Africa.  Design based on a warrior’s shield.

Lorraine Stevens

Lorraine has admired all the creativity shown by the Fibre Artists Bunch over the years and finally decided to join them this year.  In creating this piece she was given lots of great advice and ideas by the FAB.    Lorraine is inspired by all of nature whether is it mountains and water, the rolling prairies, brilliant orange red sunsets, a frosty winter scene or a pretty weed.  She loves all that nature has to offer. 

“Solitude” by Lorraine Stevens

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