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Drawings by Mercedes Victoria

Artist Statement
Creating artwork is a way of expressing what I learn about myself, my life, and the world around me. It is a continuous journey of uncovering truths and reaching insight. The thought process of a drawing starts well before the content and final composition is ever designed. It starts with a meaningful realization which is translated and fleshed out into a concept, and then created and finally presented as a completed drawing. I want to encourage viewers to step back and see the world and themselves from a different perspective and be comfortable enough to begin questioning and challenging themselves.

This exhibition combines graphite, charcoal, chalk pastel, and pen drawings. The choice of medium is just as important as the drawing itself because each medium contributes unique properties and emotions to a piece. Graphite is a reliable medium with many pros to its use. It allows for very fine detailing and is very forgiving to work with. I combine charcoal with several of my graphite drawings to build and deepen shadows and backgrounds.

Charcoal is very messy to work with, and in some ways a complete opposite of graphite. Charcoal is added at the end of my drawings when there is the most to lose. The piece is almost finished and great care is taken to keep the graphite clean from charcoal so as not to ruin the piece. It
can be a very intimate and protective part of the process.

Chalk pastel is a balance between graphite and charcoal. It sinks into the paper to provide a beautiful range in tone but there is a balancing act with this medium: it requires great attention to detail as well as continual
monitoring in order to avoid making a mess with all the residual chalk dust.

Pen is a very immediate drawing tool for me. There is little room for error and offers a fantastic deep black line. It’s instant permanency mimics the content and concepts for that piece.

The Process Of Living consists of drawings that deal with different aspects of life everyone experiences. At some point in their life, everyone knows joy, love, pain, uncertainty and vulnerability. I believe these extreme emotional contrasts are essential lessons that provide us with some insight of who we are. It is our job to pull apart these threads of discovery and
gain a fuller appreciation and understanding of ourselves. I hope these drawings can connect with viewers on a basic, raw, and honest level and that viewers will be open enough with themselves to explore those emotions and feelings these drawings bring about.

Mercedes is a visual artist based in Woodstock, Ontario. Her background in psychology constantly provides her with new insights on how to view, understand, and respect individuals and the world around her. In university, she learned to expand her drawing skills and strengthen
her creative thinking process. She has taught many drawing classes and workshops for both children and adults, and enjoys the opportunities to share what she has learned with others.

Mercedes’ artwork has been exhibited in Southern Ontario and Hamburg, Germany. She has been accepted into many juried exhibitions and her pieces have won several awards in those exhibitions including Juror’s Choice and Best in Show. Her commissioned works can be found across Ontario, Western Canada, the United States, and Germany. Mercedes recently began as the Education-Coordinator at the Brantford Glenhyrst Art
Gallery, organizing March Break and Summer Camp curriculum and teaching art classes in local school classrooms. She currently divides her time between the Glenhyrst Art Gallery, volunteering at the Woodstock Art Gallery, and completing commissioned works as well as her
own pieces.