September 29, 2017
My husband and I came to the art centre to see Mike Brouse’s excellent show. As a painter who is aware of the shortage of venues in the western GTA, I wanted to congratulate you all on the terrific space you have. Such centres take concerted effort to create. Bravo!!


October 2, 2017
Just wanted to thank the three of you for making the Inspiration Series
weekend such an enjoyable experience.
I was impressed by the quality of the art that was produced and the
enthusiasm of everyone involved.
Beautiful day for a drive home today…no delays or traffic jams (except
for the wind turbine blades being escorted down the highway).
Thanks again for inviting me and for all the work/help you did for the
weekend….(and I’m envious that you have such a great art centre in
such a beautiful location).
Cheers, happy painting.
Bob Pennycook