Thanks to our ICAC Members who have sent us images of the creative activities of what they are doing while they are at home during the COVID-19 quarantine.

Shane Norrie #stayathome
Shane has set up a small makeshift studio/painting table at his home. He has been taking walks in nearby forests around his home, and around the pond across the street. He has been inspired by these quiet, natural areas and have begun to produce a series of small, 20”x 20” local landscapes. Here are the first few, and he has other pieces in the works.
Vonnie Snyder #stayathome
And we asked our Members what they have been creating…This is painting titled “Ice and Sparkles – Port Dover” is by Vonnie Snyder. Vonnie enjoys creating a heart connection to nature through vibrant paintings in acrylic, pastel and mixed media. Check at her website at

Deb Riopelle #stayathome
What fun Deb Riopelle is having with her painting. This 11 X 14 watercolour painting called “Social Dist-dancing” by Deb Riopelle is a charming example of what one of our members has been up to. Deb has been studying dance for many years and enjoys traveling to dance events with her dance friends. Have a look at her blog at

Annette Martin #stayathome
Some Small Works

Linda Yeoman #stayathome
Kaffe Fassett Collage Collective Done by Linda Yeoman.
Remember Lindas’ exhibition “Washi” not that long ago? The Oriental theme still continues in her current work. Love it!

Jeff Lounsbury #stayathome
This is what Jeff Lounsbury has been up to.
Jeff had a fabulous clay exhibition last October.
You can revisit his work at our website.…/

David Dale #stayathome
David Dale has been setting up some
great photos in Port Bruce.

Linda Trowell #stayathome
“Ode to Monet” is a 16″ X 20″ acrylic.

Deb Campbell #stayathome
Deb Campbell has a background in graphic design and has provided the artwork for the ICAC exhibition invites which you see at the Centre and our social media pages. Besides also enjoying acrylic painting, Deb also has developed her high school doodling into “ant” cartoons. Ants are depicted in several “human” situations such as playing, hockey, flying planes, golfing, bowling, etc. They have evolved over the years and now have their own website and Instagram accounts. “The Ants, the Bees, the Spiders with Knees, is Debs’ first book and now she is working on her second book.

Pat Gibson #stayathome
Pat has been been making small 8″ x 10″ landscapes after walking around woods and marshes near Woodstock. 

Ann Duwyn #stayathome
Mexican Painting #1

Ann Duwyn #stayathome
Mexican Painting 32
Allyson MacDonald #stayathome
One of the great things about being a potter is when you decide to cheer yourself up by buying flowers you have lots of vases to put the flowers in. Allyson was sad about not making pots, but seeing her vases in use, has certainly given us a smile. Has a pot made you smile today?

Marion Kramer #stayathome
Marion finished this UFO on the weekend. She had taken a class a number of years ago with Kathy Bissett.

“Betty Bartram #stayathome”
Betty finished weaving these eight dish towels and a table runner last week. Fairly new to weaving, Betty is certainly getting the hang of it. Betty is the ICAC Potters’ Representative.

“Britt Rombouts #stayathome”
Congratulations to 14 year old Britt Rombouts for launching her website on March 31st. Britt sells handmade cards, paintings, sewing and pottery. Britt recently attended a quilting class at the ICAC and hasn’t looked back.
Britt is the daughter of Ineke Rombouts who is a potter and also a wonderful floral arrangement specialist. Her shop in Salford, Rombouts Pottery & Flowers has wonderful unique gifts to give or keep. Ineke provides the Centre with floral arrangements for our exhibition openings.

“Linda Ridley  #stayathome”
Whether it was sewing, knitting or exploring the latest craft activity, Linda has always had a need to express herself creatively.  Since joining the ICAC Fibre Arts Bunch she has explored a wide range of surface design techniques while developing her own style as an evolving fibre artist. Her most recent interest is to perfect her free-motion stitchery skills while mastering the art of thread painting.
With her sewing machine as a paint brush, a hoop and embroidery thread, she uses a variety of free-motion stitches to transform a picture into a small work of art.  She likes to focus on the fine details found in nature such as the veins of a leaf, the feathers of a bird or the delicate fronds of a fern. Linda is the Fibre Art Representative on the ICAC Board.

“Agnes Burroughs #stayathome”
Agnes has been going through her fabric stash and been very productive at home.  She has been supported our front line health workers by making 40 + fabric masks and scrub hats and also 40 drawstring laundry bags.  

“Joyce Day #stayathome”
Besides being currently busy at home making these quilted creations, Joyces’ work is always popular at our Deck the Halls Christmas Sale. Look for items made by Joyce in our gift shop.  She always has unique, hand made items for gift giving available.

“Vonnie Snyder #stayathome”
Vonnie has been participating in several mini art challenges on Facebook during her time at home.  The participating artists decide on a theme, start their work on Monday and show it on Sunday. The bottom photo on the left was a result of the Mini Art Challenge – A tree in a new medium.  This Banyan Tree painted by Vonnie grows in the Marie Selby Garden in Sarasota. If you Google that garden you will see fabulous photos including this massive tree that actually has 4 big trunks. This is from a photo Vonnie took when she visited her sister who lives in Sarasota.
Vonnie used two different kinds of art crayons which she had never used before with a few accents of paynes grey acrylic. See Vonnies’ art at

“David Skinner #stayathome”
David has been posting a painting a day on his Facebook feed for 4 weeks now.  A different painting is either on his porch or in the window for our drive by or walk by viewing pleasure. Enjoy Davids’ painting on his Facebook feed at
“This painting is called “Say You, Say Me” and is sung by Lionel Richie. It’s a lovely swaying piece of music well suited for this painting. I sometimes will name a picture after a song that was playing in my studio when I finished.
This one of my favourite paintings. It’s soft in it’s tone with the circles moving along through life. I think I was in Toronto in downtown traffic, just creeping along. The hard edges are buildings. I have a fondness for circles simply because it depicts us. Our lives have a beginning and end to it. The day does as well. We always seem to end up back in the same spot.
Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I really have a soft spot for this painting.
Take a moment to mentally thank all the front line workers in and around the hospital system. The people who work in the stores and factories who are declared essential services. This will end and I know I will have been humbled by the whole experience.
Take care
David Skinner”

“Marilyn Stewart #stayathome”
“This is my grand-dog Norman.  He is a long hair Jack Russell.  He has been described as 75% Jack Russell and 25% Muppet.  He is the latest in many of the special Jack Russells we have had as part of our family.  When I decided to take this project on I asked Simone Vojvodin, owner and artist of Red Maple Ruggery to do the sketch of Norman for me and to apply it to the linen for hooking.  She did a fantastic job for us.  She hand dyed the yarn and wool for the Hooking.  My job was the easiest.  It was a real pleasure to work on Norman and I was quite sad when I finished it last week.  He is not quite finished as steaming, binding must all happen next.  Not my most favourite part of the process.  Also not sure whether Norman will be framed or made into a pillow as yet.  Final outcome pending”.
Marilyn Stewart

“Sue Rayner #stayathome”
Sue Rayner designed and printed this art work while in Mexico a few years ago.  Recently Sue pulled out this beauty and embellished it with colour. Sue Rayner is one of our core  beginner throwing pottery instructors. Visitors can find many of Sues’ functional pottery pieces in the gift shop.

“Ruth Ann Innes #stayathome”
Wow, we love these large scale dimensional works by Ruth Ann Innes. The painting on the left is titled “Friends”.  Both paintings are on gallery wood canvases.

“David Skinner #stayathome”
“David has been posting a painting a day on his Facebook feed for 4 weeks now.  A different painting is either on his porch or in the window for our drive by or walk by viewing pleasure. Enjoy Davids’ painting on his Facebook feed.
This is Day 30 of displaying one of my paintings. Untitled and 24X24 acrylic. The vertical lines are done using opaque paint. I then over-painted the different shapes using a transparent paint and scotch tape or painters tape to help in keeping the lines straight.
The difference with this piece is it’s painted on Masonite which you can purchase in various sizes and perhaps 2 thicknesses at any lumber store.
To paint on this surface there needs to be a thin coat of primer, such as “1 2 3” or Gripper on both sides. At this point I would suggest you Google “Painting on Masonite” to read all the details on how to use it for painting as well as to learn how it is made and it’s composition. It’s quite interesting and was invented by a gentleman by the name, get ready, “Mason”.
The one thing that I like is the smooth finish for my use of tape to mask out shapes etc. Also I found it very inexpensive to purchase. The only issue is how you choose to display it once the painting is finished.
This was an experiment on my part. I did the vertical lines a few years ago and to be honest I don’t think I used a primer. Having oil in it’s composition there is a chance I may find the paint blistering or in a puddle on the floor. So far it has behaved itself and I think looks really interesting”.
David Skinner

“Teresa Scherle #stayathome”
 This is Teresas’ #stayathome project. She made it from a bag of scraps that she purchased at the quilters auction this year. Theresa bought everything including the filler and backing for about $8. This quilt is titled “Patrick’s Quilt”. Patrick is Teresas’ young nephew who just bought a house. Besides quilting and weaving, Teresa has been a community producer for POP Oxford and What’s Up Oxford.

“Pat Gibson #stayathome”
Here`s 2 more 8″ x 10″ landscapes by Pat Gibson!
Pat has had fun working on these little paintings and they might lead to another series of larger works!

“Rosemary Lewis #stayathome”
These are clay representations of the miniature dachshunds, Elvis and Priscilla, that belong to Rosemarys’ daughter’s family. As you can see they are also intended as small planters or trinket boxes.

“Jeff Lounsbury #stayathome”
Nothing like a quarantine to get your studio cleaned up.

“David Skinner” #stayathome
David has been posting a painting a day on his Facebook feed for 5 weeks now. A different painting was either on his porch or in the window for our drive by or walk by viewing pleasure.. This was Davids’ last post after completing 35 days of posting paintings!
“On Friday night Patty and I were talking about what painting to put out on the last day of this little project. This is Day 35 of 35. We both thought a Canadian flag would be appropriate given the terrible things that are happening to so many people with the Pandemic and the sadness taking place in Nova Scotia.
I’ve done many flags over the years for both countries and provinces: Newfoundland, Labrador, Ireland, Scotland, Switzerland, Germany, Union Jack and of course Canada. All celebrating their heritage of Canada or where they or their families originally had roots and others for sports.
When I’m doing the flags many things run through my mind but the predominate one is for the women and men who have fought and survived and died protecting our freedom and the freedom of others in countries that they had never visited before.
I don’t make the flags to be an exact replica of what you would purchase.
I put a lot of texture in the paint and I make them look a little weathered. I make them look a little beat up just as many Canadians have felt in the past and the way we are feeling right now.
We will survive. I don’t think there has been a time when I have felt more distinctly Canadian as right now.
Thank you for all your positive comments over the last 35 days”.
David Skinner

‘”Alayne Brisson” #stayathome
“Alayne Brisson” #stayathome
Alayne Brisson has been instructing photography workshops at the ICAC for a few years. Read about the fabulous experience that Alayne had previous to the COVID-19 closure.
“I hosted a photo trip with Photo Tour Trekkers to Montebello, Quebec for a Weekend with the Wolves. We visited Parc Omega where we not only saw artic, black & grey wolves, but also artic fox, coyote, black bear, bison, elk and other species native to Canada. As a photo host, I help guests with their trip arrangements and camera settings so that they go home with amazing images.
On our two-night trip we stayed at Chateau Montebello, the largest log cabin in the world. We also practiced night photography and visited Plaisance Water Fall before heading home. The weather was wonderful & I am looking forward to my next trip when we can all be together again”.
Alayne Brisson

“Sharyn Hammond” #stayathome
The Recipient of the 2020 Barbara and King Newell Award is Sharyn Hammond. The Newell Award was established in 1997 by Barbara and King Newell. King wanted to support the Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre financially, while recognizing the contributions made to the Centre by key individuals. The Newell Award Presentation will be announced at a later date.
Read about Sharyn’s #stayathome artwork.
“I just finished this piece for my sister’s birthday on Saturday and I hope she enjoys it. My sister loves little things which I have incorporated into this piece for her.
I would also like to wish all the great “Moms” a “Happy Mother’s Day”.
Sharyn Hammond

“Kathy Dolan” #stayathome
We love this pastel floral that Kathy has been working away on. Kathy’s “Introduction to Pastel” classes are a big hit with our members and non-members. Kathy currently holds “Master Pastellist” designation with the Pastel Artists Canada (MPAC, PAC), and is an elected member of the International Guild of Realism and the Society of Canadian Artists (SCA). She had prior signature membership status with Northern Ontario Art Association ( N.O.A.A.)

“Pat Gibson” #stayathome

“Pat Gibson” #stayathome
“Every spring I dig out my treasured garden art pieces made by ICAC potters. This year they mean even more to me. Pictures are works by Sue Rayner and Erika Lorenzen. I also have pieces by Jeff Lounsbury,
Shane Norrie and Heidi Arnold”.
Pat Gibson

“Shane Norrie” #stayathome
Canvas Gallery in Toronto has been asking their artists what inspires them. Read about Shane Norrie’s inspirations during his time of self-isolation. inspirations