• Rough Edges – Fibre Art by Mary Ann Rich

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Fabric has forever engaged Mary Ann. As a child she remembers favourite articles of clothing…cowboy pajamas…..a dress with strawberries….the tranquility of sewing sea shells onto a geography project. Garment construction followed in the teen years. Then Liberal Arts and university, climbing to Machu Picchu on a honeymoon, Library Science at Western, then domesticity and much mending of children’s clothes.
Quilting consumed her for the next 30 years. All that fabulous fabric and so many workshops but still she was restless. Joining a fibre arts group and enrolling in summer art courses fed her soul. Then total upheaval and she was off to art school in Haliburton in search of a fibre arts certificate. Her sewing room has become a studio and her life will be changed forever.

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