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Studio time for Potters is on Thursdays from 9:30 – 3:30 p.m. Studio time is also available during the week and Sundays from 1-4pm when classes are not in session. Check the ICAC web site home page calendar and call 519 485-4691 to check availability.  The Pottery Studio has 6 wheels, a slab roller, extruder, pug mill and two new electric kilns.

Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre Potters Etiquette
Welcome to the ICAC pottery studio. Thursday is the regular potters’ co-operative studio time but the studio can also be used any time the centre is open. A Toonie donation (box is on the table) goes towards general studio running costs. It is suggested that you put in a Toonie whenever you are using the studio. In lieu of this, you can also make a $100 annual donation for studio use. You will receive a tax receipt if you do it this way.
Please check the events calendar on-line to see if classes are being held in the pottery studio.
The following are some suggestions for creating a positive co-operative working environment.

General Guidelines
• The potters’ studio is open for members only.
• You should have completed at least 1 basic pottery course, or have previous pottery experience, before working on your own. Ask for help if you are unsure.
• Respect other potter’s work and work habits.
• This is a co-operative working studio and members should assist in many tasks. Please ask what you can do to help.
• You are responsible to clean up after using the studio – wash sponges, batts, wheels, work areas, floors etc. Take your dirty towels home to wash. The dirty towel box is for community towels only.
• The plastic wrap is to be used sparingly and recycled. There is a container for used plastic. Please use plastic from this container before using a new sheet.
• Equipment, tools, glaze etc. are in the studio for everyone to use. Please do not take them home.
• The wheel is only to be used by people 16 years or older and only after receiving proper instructions.
• Space is at a premium at our studio. Please complete your pots as soon as possible and take them home.
• Payment for clay and firing is to be recorded in the payment book. Money (exact change) is to be put into a plastic baggie. Enclose a piece of paper with your name and the amount you paid and then put it into the locked box on the shelf. Cheques are also accepted. Mark that you have paid in the book. Please be prompt with your payments.

• You are encouraged to purchase clay from the centre. ($50 per box or $25 per sleeve).
• Clay is only sold in full sleeves or boxes. Don’t return used clay to the bags.
• When purchasing clay from the centre, you should record which box/sleeve you purchase on the inventory sheet on the clay room door AND enter the amount in the Clay/Firing Charge Book.
• Properly dispose of your clay scraps – reclaim, save or discard.
• Don’t let pieces of clay go down the drain.
• Recycling clay – there is a bucket by the pug mill where you can put your clean white clay, broken into small pieces. Do not put any clay that has been on the floor into the recycle bucket.
• Clay in the recycle bucket becomes community property, and after being pugged is available for purchase at 50 cents per pound. Record any purchases on your sheet in the Clay/Firing Charge Book.

• Glazing is to be done on the glazing table only.
• Use newspaper under pieces to be waxed, only use brushes available for waxing and clean them well in hot water and soap.
• Only qualified potters are to mix glazes and 2 potters should mix the glazes together to ensure safety and quality.
• The glazes have been mixed to what we feel is proper consistency. If you feel they are too thick or thin, please don’t take water off or add water. If you must thin a glaze, please thin down a small amount only.
• Glaze carefully to avoid contamination of colours.

Kiln & Firing
• Place pottery that is ready to be bisque or high fired on the proper shelf.
• The kilns should only be loaded and unloaded by qualified potters.
• 2 potters should work together in both loading and unloading the kiln to ensure quality and help with recording of information.
• Ensure that the bottoms of your pots are clean and that the glaze is not too close to the bottom.
• If the glaze on your pot runs onto the kiln shelf, it is your responsibility to grind them clean and put on a kiln wash.
• Firing & glazing is payable at $2.00 per pound. If you only bisque a piece, it is $1 per pound. Please make sure you weigh it and add it into the payment book.
• You must sign your pieces. Unsigned work may not be fired. Please ensure that your preferred signing method is recorded in the book so those unloading the kiln can find it.

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