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Art has been a passion for me all of my life. For many years I painted with oils, then acrylics, then watercolour. I also work with graphite and conte. I have taught art in schools for over 20 years and have taught, mainly watercolour classes for 12 years at the Woodstock Art Gallery. I have shown my art in Waterloo, Kitchener, Tillsonburg, London and Woodstock. My paintings and sketches, both representational and abstract are found in other provinces and, of course, mainly here at home in Oxford County in many households. What a privilege and honour it is to be able to share as I have been fortunate enough to do.



Artist Statement:

Art takes on many forms. Today mine lets form and colour represent space. The fun is in the process of constructing, analyzing, building and creating something complex that relates within itself to its own colours, elements, forms and structures. It doesn’t have to translate anything about anyone’s experiences. It simply has to have its own internal harmony, rhythms and movement. It has to have its own internal beauty. And so it creates its own spirit: its own atmosphere: its own personality with which the viewer may relate, if desired. It doesn’t demand. It lets one be and become. If you leave this gallery with more than what you came in with, then we all have won, and we again all are one.




 Keri Axon-Chair of the ICAC Board, Michael de Belleval and Ken Vyse-Exhibition Sponsor

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