• Insight – Mixed Media by Pat Gibson and Glass by George Whitney

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Insight Oct. 19 to Nov. 16


insight gallery

Pat Gibson Artist Statement

A sense of mystery is central in all of my work. I continue to be fascinated with water and it`s transition from one form to another.
Ice contains the best archival record of our past on earth.
In the series Ice Garden and Frozen Record I question what might be discovered in our current melting icecaps from a past age or what record of our world might be frozen in a future ice age.
I’m very pleased to share this exhibition with George Whitney. The very act of looking in and through his beautiful glass sculptures captures what I try to express
in my own work.

Pat Gibson gratefully acknowledges the support of The Ontario Arts Council.  OAC


George Whitney Artist Statement

My work is a reflection of life. Common objects transformed into the uncommon. What do you see? Real, imagined, intended, accidental, look carefully.

In 2008, following a 38 year career as a tool maker, manager, and business owner, I left my position to become a full time artist, working in glass. Glass is a very exciting and challenging media. At times only see the surface is visible. Sometimes you can look into the glass and sometimes you can see thru it completely. Sometimes the outside merely contains the inside form. Sometimes the polished outside is lost to the viewer.

My work is about forms and light. I take common, everyday shapes and take them out of context. There is a lot of shapes that surround us on a daily basis that are invisible to us. When they are taken and presented away from their normal setting, we are able to appreciate the form. Glass allows us to see thru forms and this complicates what we think we see and light plays with our perception.

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