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This month we are showcasing the work of two of our members,

Shayrn Hammond and Gerie Noordam

Come and see All about Fibre (Shayrn and Gerie’s work) from Sept. 10 – Oct 11, 2021
Sponsored By Dr. A Awadia

Creativity comes in many different forms and fibre art has always been a means to enhance the creative process.

Shayrn Hammond

Shayrn’s work


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Living in a farming community gave her access to spinners  and weavers which formed her path in working with fibre.

Gerie Noordam

Gerie’s Work


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Shayrn Hammond

Ingersoll, Ontario


Sharyn was born and raised in Ingersoll, anchoring her passion for small town living.  She married and raised her 2 children in |ngersoll and cemented roots in this lovely small community. Sharyn began her career as a stenographer and after her children were born she was a medical secretary until retirement.  Her retirement allowed her to have more time to commit to artwork which is her passion.

Nature provides Sharyn with a bounty of techniques that connect with the creative process.  Her love of nature, particularly trees and leaves helped to begin her journey as a fibre artist.

Watercolour painting also helps Sharyn transition into fibre art using colour and design elements. She feels so grateful to belong to the Fibre Art Group at the Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre, when she ventured into the world of fibre.  Sharyn enjoys the creative processes of manipulating fabric, fibre and yarns along with other techniques.

Sharyn was one of twelve winners of a Grand National Award in 2009 for fibre art postcards. Her artwork is displayed for exhibitions and sales at the Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre. Tillsonburg Station Arts Centre and Norfolk Arts Centre in Simcoe.

Future projects await and in the meantime Sharyn hopes to pass along the “mentor spirit” to upcoming artists.


Creativity comes in many different forms and fibre art has always been a means to enhance the creative process.  As I begin a piece of fibre art, I draw from an image, a thought or a challenge.  I look forward to planning my piece using many different techniques with lots of texture in many forms.  Texture gives me the ability to provide a layering process that is unique as I achieve my goal.  My pieces sometimes want to go in a different direction than planned and it’s satisfying for me to watch it evolve.

My love of nature provides me with a bounty of ideas…the list is endless.  Trees, leaves, and flowers are a large part of my work.  Nature has many emotions which provides a challenging use of colour to express the image I am producing.  Manipulation of fabric, yarns and other textiles forces me to use different techniques which is vital in testing my creativity.  I use colour to produce a piece of art that creates a mood.  I hope viewers can look at my artwork and wonder how I achieved the image I have captured.

I love fibre art!! – it is calming and this is what I do to relax.  As I stand back and review my work, I have a rewarding sense of accomplishment.  I appreciate the work I put into my art as I create something for myself and others to enjoy.  As you view my art pieces, enjoy the colours, texture and layering which gives the piece meaning.

Gerie Noordam

Ingersoll Ontario


Artist  Biography
Gerie Noordam 

Stratford, Ontario 

Gerie was born and raised in the Netherlands. Her family immigrated to Canada in 1980 and settled in Blyth, Ontario. Living in a farming community gave her access to spinners and weavers which formed her path in working with fibre. 

Nature allows Gerie to absorb the wonder of trees, leaves and flowers to name a few.  

Gerie is happy when she can be “hands-on” working with fibre and textiles. Gerie feels fortunate to be a member of the  Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre. Being with the Fibre Arts Bunch allows Gerie to enjoy working with fellow fibre artists. 

Gerie has had the opportunity to sell her artwork at many venues. Her artwork is displayed for sales and exhibitions at  Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre, Station Gallery in St Marys,  Blyth Festival Gallery, Village Studio in Stratford,&  Westland Gallery in London. 

Gerie’s hands love fibre!