Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk


Pillow Talk Exhibition
Pillow Talk
Pillow Talk Gallery View - Left
Pillow Talk Gallery View - Right

Exhibition Mini Preview: Pillow Talk

The pillows displayed online are only a mini-preview. There are many other amazing pillows to see. To see all the pillows on display please visit the Centre during our office hours.
If you wish to purchase one of the pillows that are for sale please contact the Centre by email at ingersollcreativearts@gmail.com

About the Artists

About The Oxford Quilters’ Guild 

The Oxford Quilters’ Guild is part of the Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre.  The Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre was established to provide the opportunity for creative expression and development of the people of this community. Under the instruction of highly qualified teachers and in an open, creative setting, people of all ages and economic levels have found a friendly, nourishing environment in which to explore this aspect of their “being”.

The Oxford Quilters’ Guild is a non-profit organization whose objectives are; 

  • to promote an appreciation for and to contribute to the knowledge of the art and craftsmanship associated with quilting and patchwork. 
  • to encourage performance in the craft by:

                        – providing educational opportunities

                        – a forum for fellowship

                        – an exchange of experience, information and ideas

  • to encourage high standards of colour, design and technique in quilting and patchwork.



The Pillow Talk display originated as a challenge for all quilters to design their own pillow and then have it displayed at our quilt show in 2021. Even though the show did not take place,  our quilters had completed a beautiful collection of their handiwork which came in various forms.

The display includes a variety of techniques that quilters can adapt to their other projects. Shown here are samples of techniques including piecing, applique,  paper piecing, embroidery work, as well as the embellishing of works with paints.

Similar to other artist type groups, quilters enjoy the sharing of their talents and patterns, and sometimes take road trips in search of that perfect fabric for the next project. Friendships that last a lifetime are formed as we share each other’s company around the sewing machine.

Feel free to contact us for more information about visiting or joining our Quilt Guild.  Until then, we hope you enjoy our display.