Hard Conversations

Hard Conversations


New Beginnings Exhibition
New Beginnings Exhibition
New Beginnings Exhibition
New Beginnings Exhibition

Exhibition: Hard Conversations

“If you wish to purchase one of Diane’s pieces from the Hard Conversations” Exhibition please contact the Centre by email at ingersollcreativearts@gmail.com

About the Artist

Diane Roberts
Artist Biography

Diane Roberts is a Woodstock artist working in Stone Sculpture and the Lapidary Arts.

My biography, as it relates to my art, began at an art festival many years ago. I happened upon some children one day, each sitting on tiny chairs and taking a lesson from a very patient stone carver. I was entranced by them. They worked and laughed together and only when they “felt” they were finished with their piece, did they decide “what it was”.

I loved that! The creative freedom of it! An instinct driven expression of their unique creativity.

Inspired, I set out to find, for myself, what those kids naturally had – my own intuitive form of expression … and creative joy.

Stones have always been a passion. Stone sculpting led me into Lapidary based jewellery art … and more “pretty rocks”.

My work strives to be abstract … but only when the stones are agreeable.”

Diane Roberts 2022

David Skinner

“ A pebble in the brook secretly thinks itself a precious stone”

Japanese proverb

Artist’s Statement

Stone sculpting, at least for me, is a joyful, frustrating personal challenge; a meditation and, at times, an emotional expression.

I am self-taught and sculpt in a “direct carving method “- using only hand tools to date.
A chisel, a hammer, and a few stone rasps followed by endless reems of sandpaper. Direct carving is a spontaneous method that is done without a preconceived design.
This spontaneity can feel a bit like a conversation as the stone and I search for a pleasing and meaningful result.

Having only “scratched the surface” of this ancient creative experience, I feel freedom in the “not knowing” where a piece might go.

It’s always a surprise and often…. A Hard Conversation.

Diane Roberts-Sculptor


The ICAC would like to thank Harold Matthews for Sponsoring our “Hard Conversations” Exhibition