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Vonnie Snyder – Artist’s Bio


In high school, I was fortunate to study art with several wonderful Oxford County artists–Betty McArthur, Ed Baker, Moe Cosyn and Herb Kirkby. Then life happened–marriages, family work life. . . . . Two years ago, I started a painting again with encouragement from my family and friends and I have found healing and joy in connecting with my creative side.


Heart Home Creativity, my business, is named after several places I have lived including my current home where I have been able to reclaim my creativity, my sense of self and find peace in my spirit. Each of my paintings has a heart in it to reflect the heart that I put into each one.


I am delighted to be painting again and I am happy to share my passion for nature and the world around me with you through my paintings. I love playing with colors and lines and feel excited to see what will emerge on my canvases. Acrylic landscapes are my main focus but I also enjoy working with softy pastels.


I am grateful to Ingersoll Creative Art Centre for the opportunity to display my work and hope it helps remind you of the beauty of nature that surrounds us all.

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