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The Exploring Creativity exhibition opens on Sun. Sept. 20, 2015 at 2:00 pm and continues until Oct. 4, 2015.
Thank you to our sponsor Harold Matthews of Century 21.

Keri Axon-Artist Statementkeri three potters
Creating in clay is an on-going process. I learn from each piece I create, and modify. Rarely are two pieces the same. I like the simpleness of white porcelain and intricate form.
My latest works have been influenced by Michael Kifer, our guest artist at ICAC’s Inspiration Series last April – I love the bright colours and have recently begun to experiment with simpler forms, but creating interest using colour and pattern.





Don Ross – 2015don
I became a potter by accident. I took a night-school course which has developed into a life-long quest.

For 30 years I designed and produced a line of functional dinnerware for selected gift shops in North America. I also designed and produced the serving pieces for a restaurant chain with locations in Europe,
North America and the Far East.
Since retiring, my objective has been to explore a broader spectrum of ceramic forms. This goal poses the challenge of trying to produce work that appeals to my curiosity and yet satisfies my aesthetic sensibilities.
The search is ongoing.


René Wortelrenee

Born in Leiden, Holland the same city as Rembrandt Van Rijn, the famous post renaissance painter. He studied Industrial and Graphic design at Fanshawe College in London Onatario.  A member of the London Potters Guild since 2000 and the Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre since 2011.

He applies industrial and graphic design principals with geometric simplicity to functional ceramics. Working with slab and form construction, it is an extension of his studies in product design, where now those forms are melded with colours born of fire.

René teaches hand building at various Guilds, schools and groups, with classes from beginner to advanced. His class is the making of pottery vessels that are the result of intentional design using integrated graphic shapes. His understanding of historical and modern examples gives insights into new creative expressions in clay.

René began Dovesong Studio in 1981.

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