AN HOMAGE – Mixed Media Works and Fibre By Irma Makariunaite

An Homage: Mixed Media Works and Fibre Exhibition

AN HOMAGE – Mixed Media Works and Fibre By Irma Makariunaite

Artist: Irma Makariunaite

“An Homage” is an exhibition of mixed media works and fibre dedicated to my mother who raised me here in Canada. She was also an artist whose work has been and still is a profound source of inspiration for me. Works in this exhibition were made to honour her and to celebrate that eternal creative energy and the ongoing unique posthumous connection between two artistic women: a mother and a daughter. 

The mixed media works include works on canvas, on paper, as well as works in fibre. 

Works on canvas represent quilt-like designs that also contain photographic transfers and hand-stitching. The photos are transfers of old photos from my own family albums that offer glimpses into my mother’s youthhood, as well as my own. Many of the small objects or knick-knacks, some protruding in bas-relief from the canvas surfaces, come from my mother’s collection of beads and other discovered and/or found or donated objects. Stich marks, fabric bits along with metallic threads fused together allude to my mother’s works in fibre that have always inspired me. 

Works on paper include pieces with painted or silkscreened backgrounds that were created by my mother but were left unfinished. When I found these backgrounds in her collection I decided to finish them off in my own way. I chose to create collages using some of the unfinished backgrounds and on others, I stitched bits of fabric to them and attached various found objects. 

In others, I combined my mother’s hand-painted papers with my own hand-painted acid-free tissue paper and other materials as a posthumous artistic collaboration and a celebration of that creative energy to produce vibrant mixed media collages. 

Likewise, the hooked rugs contain knitting yarn that my mother had left behind from the times when she explored knitting. Nuno felting was also another technique that she enjoyed thus inspiring me to explore it as well. I am also very grateful to the “Fibre Arts Bunch” at the ICAC and the “Threads” group based in Tillsonburg for helping me to demystify some of the fibre arts techniques that my mother had used in her artwork.

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