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Deb was born and raised in Oxford County and has a background in graphic design, which worked well into her artistic abilities.

She has always had a love of drawing and recently developed a love for painting as well. An acrylic painting class taken last year at the Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre helped motivate her to pursue her interest in art again. Seldom a day goes by without a paintbrush in her hand as she attempts to learn as much as possible.

She loves seascapes and is fascinated how an artist can capture the breaking waves, spray and sunlight filtering through with the stroke of a brush. She also enjoys painting landscapes, pets and local sites such as the old train station and the gazebo and bridge in Memorial Park, and yet to be completed, the old library on Charles St.

Also in her repertoire is cartooning. Doodling in her high school notebooks later developed into ‘ant’ cartoons. Ants are depicted in several ‘human’ situations such as playing hockey, flying planes, golfing, bowling, etc. They have evolved over the years and now have their own website and Instagram account. She invites you to have a look! (antsbydeb.com, instagram/antsbydeb).

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