• “Connections” by the ICAC Fibre Artists

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An exhibition by the Fibre Arts Bunch

As humans we are hard-wired for connection. Connections colour and add meaning to our lives; they make us who we are. The fibre of our being is stitched together by connections we cultivate and nurture with the world around us. Be good to yourself, make time, turn off technology, be truly present and celebrate the connections that are important to you!

Each FAB member was asked to submit an original fibre art piece inspired by a connection. The pieces mirror the diverse connections felt and seen by our eclectic group of fibre artist. In addition, this exhibition contains a selection of ‘challenge’ pieces; creating an individual piece using the same fabric connects the artists.

This exhibition is dedicated to the memory of Claire Tomlinson. Claire was a founding member of the Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre and an active member of, and mentor to, the Fibre Arts Bunch.

Enjoy the exhibition; get close to each piece to discover the layers, texture and details while you soak in the colours! You’ll also discover a little piece of each artist’s soul carefully stitched into her work.


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What is Fibre Art?

Fibre Art can be described as painting and sculpting with fabric, threads and fibre. Work can be two dimensional wall art, three-dimensional sculptures or wearable art.

Fabrics used are hand-dyed or painted, or commercially dyed. They may be cotton, silk, linen and other natural fibres or any of the wide range of synthetic fibres. Threads and yarns used are also a variety of natural and synthetic fibres. Fabrics, threads and yarns are chosen for their colour and textural elements.

Layering is an important technique used in Fibre Art to create depth and interest. Sheer organza or tulle can add highlights, shadows and even movement. Small snippets trapped under netting can suggest leaves or even create a whole scene. Deliberate shapes stacked and fused can add structure and presence. Generally, the upper layers are fastened to a stabilizing base fabric.

There are countless techniques to create texture in Fibre Art. Beginning with a variety of weights, weaves and sheens of fabrics and yarns, texture can be further enhanced by manipulating the raw materials. Deliberate folds might be created, edges torn, pieces raised by stuffing the underside, yarns couched (hand-stitched on), holes or edges burned, additional elements added to float on top of the piece, embroidery… . Non-traditional elements include the use of metal, papers, tyvek, bubble wrap, wax, and again the list goes on. But let’s not forget about the use of beads and how they add detail and glitter!

Fibre Art is a labour of love. Sewing machines are pushed to the limit as are fingers and imagination. It is a time consuming process, often presenting many technical challenges.



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