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Ingersoll Creative Arts Christmas Market Information
Dates: Tuesday, November 20 to Wednesday, December 12, 2018
Intake: Monday, November 19, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Vendor ID:
Your vendor ID is the same as the one that you use in the store. It is listed in the green binder in the office labelled Vendor ID. Members’ names are listed alphabetically, by first name. If you have a family membership it will be whichever family member was listed first on your membership form.
If no ID is listed beside your name, it means that we do not have a member ID for you. Use your initials (first and last) unless someone else has already claimed these. Make sure you check everyone whose name starts with the same initial. If your initials are already in use, include your middle initial as well or use any logical combination of initials starting with your first name. Write your vendor ID in the binder and it will be added to our records.

Product Tags
All tags on products, including donated items, must contain the Vendor ID followed by the item number and price. Use safety pins and ties where possible to ensure that tags do not fall off or leave a sticky residue. Each item needs a separate tag and tag item number. Product tags must be labelled with your vendor ID, and the tag number, which is explained under Registration below. Tag # should include the letter CM (Christmas Market)

Registration of Items for Sale:
The updated registration form is now available on our website. There is now only one form to fill out for both donated and for profit items. An example of how to fill in the registration form and tags is attached.
List donated items first. Donated items numbers will be CM-DON-#, where # is 1, 2, 3 etc. List for profit items next, with CM-#. Numbers on the registration sheet must match the tag numbers. Please have all tags and forms completed before coming to intake.
If you are a vendor, please sign up for at least one slot on the sign up chart. Alternately, you may write a donation cheque for $25.00

Click the link for a printable page of this information and also a sample of how to fill out your donated items and inventory page.
Creative Arts Christmas Market Information sheet

Click the link for the Christmas Market Inventory Form 2018
Christmas Market Inventory Form 2018