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Exhibition at the Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre February 7 to March 6, 2016


Artists of Oxford (AO) is an organization that was established in 2007 to foster the development of visual arts in Oxford County and to promote and encourage art appreciation. The group is a support network for professional artists in the region bringing together people of all levels of artistic achievement.

It is their vision that Oxford shall be a community where art is embraced and artists and art organizations are supported and recognized as vital and central to the creative life of the County. AO is a leading advocate for the Visual Arts, promoting activities to increase the appreciation, enjoyment and use of art and works of art by the community.

AO provides an environment in which artists develop their skills, meet to share ideas and enjoy mutual support and encouragement in meeting common goals. It serves as a forum to discuss upcoming shows, share expertise, equipment and resources.

AO are dedicated to further the awareness, appreciation and support of the arts by a diverse audience by hosting two to three shows each year in which our artists exhibit their work through professionally juried and non-juried environments.



Artist Statements and Bios

Frankie’s Armitage
I became aware of my artistic side at a very young age. I remember the feeling of pride and happiness I felt after completing my first finger painting. While most of my classmates just enjoyed smearing paint around on a big piece of paper, I painted a dog sitting up pretty. My teacher made a big fuss about it and put it in the school art show. I have always been involved in doing something creative in one form or another.

I was raised in London Ontario, lived in Stratford and now reside in the countryside near Embro Ontario.

In secondary school I majored in art. I had classes in etching, printing, pottery, sculpting in plaster, wood, marble and many combinations of various other materials. I learned to paint with watercolour for display ads and home décor layouts. My favourite was oil and acrylic painting, which we only touched on.

One summer I attended Doon School of Fine Arts. We stayed in our own little cabin and ate together at the big house and gallery. Our art instructors would take us out to rural locations and we would spend our days in the middle of nature and paint the whole day long. I loved it. On rainy days we stayed indoors and sketched from live models. This experience was the beginning of my love of painting.

During the many years I spent raising my son, working in my husbands clinic, breeding dogs, breeding and showing miniature horses and growing Christmas trees, I felt that painting was a luxury that I didn’t have time for. I did make a saloon set for a western parade float, painted a huge banner for a city festival and various signs for local events. At Christmas I painted scenes on store windows.

I have a creative imagination and enjoy trying different materials and techniques that can add interest to my paintings. I started to paint again two years ago after retiring. Painting has become very important in my life and gives me many hours of enjoyment. I learn something new with every piece I do. I look forward to growing as a painter and will never run out of ideas for paintings because I get inspiration from just about everything I see.

Frankie Armitage-Park Lane-Acrylic












Cathy Barzo
I’ve always been creative. My interests are many and varied and I enjoy trying things if only once. Rich and vibrant colours are my trademark along with painting roosters.
After university I moved to British Columbia living in the mountains of Whistler, desert-like Kelowna, the very “English” Victoria and cosmopolitan Vancouver. I’m greatly influenced by the mountains and the natural beauty of the Pacific coast.
I’m an “early career artist” having just started to paint seriously in 2008 when I took two acrylic courses by established Vancouver artist Lori Sokoluk. Prior to that I took a foundational six month art course at the Emily Carr School of Art located at Granville Island in Vancouver.
I moved to Tillsonburg Ontario in 2011 where I joined Station Arts and the Bridge Street Artists at their drop-in studio on Monday afternoons. Recently I’ve taken courses by Lianne Todd, Valerie Zadow, Ruth Davis and Kate Innes-all very talented local artists.


Mike Brouse


I have started painting since my retirement in January 2010. Since then I have undertaken a number workshops in painting and drawing at the Arts Project in London, Haliburton School of Art, Kathy Marlene Bailey, ECOAA @ Geneva Park, Jeanette Obbink, Julia Veenstra.

Group Exhibitions
2012 Paint Ontario Juried Exhibition, Lambton Heritage Museum, Grand Bend
Art Country Juried Competition, Norfolk Arts Centre, Simcoe, ON.
12”X12” Art Show, Art Exchange Gallery, London, ON.
54th Visual Elements Juried Art Exhibition, Woodstock Art Gallery, Woodstock, Ont.
Thamesford Mill Art Show, Oxford Creative Connections

2013 Paint Ontario Juried Exhibition, Lambton Heritage Museum,
12”X12” Art Show, Westland Gallery, London, Ont.
Oxford County Studio Art Tour
2nd Annual Arts Country Juried Competition, Glenhyrst Gallery, Brantford.
12”X12” Art Show, Westland Gallery, London, On.

2013 7th Annual Juried Miniature Show, Art Exchange Gallery, London
1st Place Winner at the Desmond Juried Art Exposition, Ridgetown, ON.
55th Annual Visual Elements Juried Art Ex. Woodstock Art Gallery.

2014 Paint Ontario Juried Exhibition, Lambton Heritage Museum.
56th Visual Elements Juried Art Exhibition, Woodstock Art Gallery.
Oxford Creative Connections, Two Person Art Show, Oxford County.
OSA Members Exhibition of Selected Works (Emerging Artists),
PaperMill Gallery, Toronto, ON.

2015 57th Annual Visual Elements Juried Art Ex. Woodstock Art Gallery.
12”X12” Art Show, Westland Gallery.
OSA Members Exhibition of Selected Works (Emerging Artists)
ICAC Members Art Exhibition.
Halls Creek Art Festival, Ingersoll.


Mike Brouse -Chartreuse Falls-Oil on Canvas-SOLD










Michael de Belleval
Art has been a passion for me all of my life. For many years I painted with oils, then acrylics, then watercolour. I also work with graphite and conte. I have taught art in schools for over 20 years and have taught, mainly watercolour classes for 12 years at the Woodstock Art Gallery. I have shown my art in Waterloo, Kitchener, Tillsonburg, London and Woodstock. My paintings and sketches, both representational and abstract are found in other provinces and, of course, mainly here at home in Oxford County in many households. What a privilege and honour it is to be able to share as I have been fortunate enough to do.

Artist Statement
Art takes on many forms. Today mine lets form and colour represent space. The fun is in the process of constructing, analyzing, building and creating something complex that relates within itself to its own colours, elements, forms and structures. It doesn’t have to translate anything about anyone’s experiences. It simply has to have its own internal harmony, rhythms and movement. It has to have its own internal beauty. And so it creates its own spirit: its own atmosphere: its own personality with which the viewer may relate, if desired. It doesn’t demand. It lets one be and become. If you leave this gallery with more than what you came in with, then we all have won, and we again all are one.


Michael de Belleval-Popcorn-Acrylic










Danielle Gardner
Legacy artist of the Group of Seven, painting the Ontario landscape. Commissions/lessons available. philosopherswalk.ca
This piece was painted at the top of Granite Ridge this past August 13th, en plein air, and then completed in my studio, philosopherswalk north as a part of my time as Artist in Residence in the Park. I have worked and painted in Killarney park for over 10 years and received the volunteer service award for Ontario. I continue to be committed to assisting art education in the park to keep alive the legacy of the Group of Seven who protected the park and the Ingersoll community as a secondary school art teacher at IDCI. The weather was fine on the 13th and the winds kind, as I taught a lesson to interested campers and painted at this magical site. Next summer I plan on painting the sister view overlooking the Georgian Bay.


Danielle Gardner-Granite Ridge-View of Hawk Cliff-Acrylic on Canvas











Cathy Groulx O.S.A.
Born in London Ontario, Cathy Groulx O.S.A. is a professional, award winning, International artist. Her work is realistic in style and painted with traditional oils on canvas, from photographic references.

She has had thirty-three (33) solo exhibitions and participated in over two hundred and eighty (280) group shows since 1989. She exhibits in Canada and has exhibited in Denmark, France, the USA , and the Netherlands where she curated as well as participated in an exhibition representing Canada, with seven (7) artists in 2009. Her paintings have gone to ten Countries including one to Taiwan as a gift from The County of Oxford.

Her work is in numerous private, corporate and public collections. Some of these include The Government of Ontario, The Woodstock Hospital, Pacific and Western Bank of Canada, American Banjo Museum, Miller Thomson LLP., Goderich Aircraft Inc., Oxford County Administration Building, Ernie Hardeman MPP. .etc.

She has received several Ontario Arts Council grants.

Her numerous public choice and juried awards include a Founders Purchase Award for the ‘Paint Ontario’ collection. She received an Honourable Mention in the Arabella Magazine Canadian Landscape Competition, whose entries came from across Canada.
In Toronto’s The Arts and Letters Club juried exhibition ‘Next’, she had 2 pieces accepted for an exhibition with 45 works, from a submission of over 700 entries.

She teaches, lectures, and judges painting and photographic competitions. Her paintings have included murals for The Town of Ingersoll, Woodstock’s Sakura House, The Alzheimer’s Society and theatre sets.

She is an active member of The Woodstock Art Gallery, The Ontario Society of Artists (O.S.A.) and a member of several other art organizations. She is also a former Chairperson of The Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre.

Artists Statement Cathy Groulx
I am trying to capture images of life as it is now, though it is here because of what happened before. I am painting what will become the history of now.

I compose my references through the lens of a digital camera, so that I use the actual photograph instead of doing a preliminary sketch.
Working with a traditional glaze oil painting method, I apply layer upon layer of thin paint, creating transparency and dark and light tones. This builds spectacular depth to each painting, with vivid or subtle colours.
While a landscape may entice me, sometimes I choose an element within a particular place. I bring small areas forward to make them more significant. Texture and lines draw me in. This can be anything, from a crack in a rock, to a jumble of growth in a woodland or field. My commissioned pieces often include the human figure, but many of my
paintings appear to show no interference of humankind.

Large urban centres are where I spent most of my years. Now, painting aspects of rural areas are what intrigue me most often. I am happy to have left the never ending chaos of the city. Its constant movement of people and traffic, filled with man made creations, are now a choice to attend rather than a necessity. I prefer to stand before the extreme contrast of what nature has put forward, which gives me the sense of peace and quiet and is where I want to be. This is what I want to capture and share with the viewer.

9. Groulx Country Division oil 30 x 40

Cathy Groulx-Country Division-Oil










Heather MacIntosh
Up until a year ago, my paintings only encompassed two disciplines – watercolour and mixed media.
Last year approaching my sixtieth birthday I evaluated my art goals. I acknowledged that there still a few types of media that I hadn’t explored and really wanted to. It is quite a challenge to work out of your comfort zone.
I have been a grateful recipient of dozens of well-loved but still usable tube oil paints. I also was curious about oil paint and cold wax that many artists, that I admire, were using in their work.
Cold Lake #3 is the result of my work with oil and cold wax. I struggle with the oil paint, so different from what I am used to. Waiting for paint to dry before I continue was hugely bothersome. I am still working through those issues.
I seem to be a painter that is very excited about the process of creating and the end product is not the priority. It is the process of painting that lights me up.
In my later years as a mature artist I have been more and more intrigued and captivated by abstract and impressionist art, rather than representational. I strive to paint in the style that walks the edge between representational and abstract. I tend to want my paintings to suggest rather than explain the content or narrative.
I am Associate of the Ontario College of Art, an award winning artist and Administrator of the Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre. I have been a practicing artist for 25 years and exhibited in numerous group shows. I have been honoured to receive a few awards for my watercolour paintings. These include
• Paint Ontario Honourable Mention 2007
• Nominated for Joan Chalmers Award for Arts Administration 1996
• Woodstock Art Gallery Juried Exhibition Juror’s Choice 1995 & 1991
In addition to working at the Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre, I been invited to instruct for many art and watercolour associations in Ontario.


Heather MacIntosh-Cold Lake #3-Oil and Cold Wax













Shirley Posthumus Hokke

Shirley Posthumus Hokke is a formally trained Artist/Educator who attended Western and Nipissing Universities. She is best known for her innovative approaches in experimenting with materials to attain a common theme. Shirley has taught all age groups and is a qualified Art Teacher. Her main body of work included sizable oil on canvas Rock Formation paintings as exhibited in the 90’s at Woodstock Art Gallery and London’s Spencer Gallery; the Northern Lights series were recently exhibited in the Netherlands with several other Canadian painters; and most recently, Shirley finds her paintings in wood patterns to create a unique design with a glazing technique as exhibited at local libraries throughout Oxford County, Station Arts Centre, Glenhyrst and Woodstock Art Galleries. Shirley continues to be part of several group and juried exhibitions and most recently at the Etobicoke Civic Centre with the Ontario Painters Association.

Shirley is an active member of the Artists of Oxford, Central Ontario Art Association, co-founding member of Bridge Street Artists, and recently attended the Canadian Painters Symposium. She has had several Solo shows throughout the region and is a recipient of an Ontario Arts Exhibition Grant and received two awards from Nipissing University. Shirley’s work is collected by private and public spaces for more than 25 years and she continues to ‘practise what she preaches’. Follow her on facebook at Shirley Hokke Artist to view her most

Windmills on Canal ICAC 2016

Shirley Posthumus Hokke-Windmills on Canal-Watercolour






Irma Makariunaite

I moved to Oxford County from Toronto a few years ago and joined the Artists of Oxford group. I am a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design and also have obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Art History from the University of Toronto. I have been participating in a number of exhibitions throughout the region. Currently I am showing my work in a group exhibit “Rhapsody In Colour” at the Art Gallery of Hamilton. Another one of the most recent group exhibitions titled “Phases” took place at the Woodstock Art Gallery. I took part in the Oxford Studio Tour in May 2015 and I also had a solo show at the Ingersoll Public Library in February 2015.
“Walk In the Park” and “D. K.” are an exploration of mixed media and texture where dried organic matter is combined with various acrylic mediums to create a visually tactile experience. I currently live and practice my art in Princeton, Ontario.


Irma Makariunaite -Walk in the Park -Acrylic and Mixed Media












Deb Riopelle
“Having a passion for the outdoors, nature and nostalgia opens my mind to painting a subjects and compositions all around me.  I am inspired by colours, shadows, reflections, movement, including sound, thus prefer to paint outdoors, weather permitting.

My travels have taken me painting to many destinations including Italy and Ireland.

I enjoy the challenge of experimenting with new techniques and mediums.

I take workshops from other artists and I am pleased with my progress. I am proud to exhibit my art in all regions of my community in Oxford County.

Deb Riopelle-Incognito-Acrylic

Deb Riopelle-Incognito-Acrylic










Barry  Schneider
Barry has lived in Woodstock for most of his life. Art, photography and music are among his interests. Over the years, he has pursued his interest in painting by attending art classes, with a variety of artists at the Woodstock Art Gallery. Twice his works have been exhibited in the Juried Exhibition at the Art Gallery and he shared the 2009 “People’s Choice Award.”

For many years, he has enjoyed photographing landscapes while camping, canoeing and hiking throughout Canada. Themes in his paintings centre on natural and rural landscapes, inspired by his photography. These works are generally realistic depictions of what he has seen locally and while traveling. The medium that he has worked with most frequently is watercolour, but he has also recently painted with acrylics.
Barry’s earliest inspiration came when an aunt, who did oil painting, gave him a drawing kit at a very young age. Artists who have inspired him include many of our local artists as well as Canada’s Group of Seven and the Impressionist painters of Europe.

Grazing Sheep

Barry Schneider-Grazing Sheep-Watercolour









John Steadman
John Steadman began his art career over forty years ago. In the beginning, he worked for a custom framing art store where the manager taught him the basics of the field. To further his studies, John ventured to the Beale School of Art and Fanshawe College in London, Ontario. John’s artistic techniques vary from acrylics to oil painting. He also, works with watercolours. His painting style ranges through a series of aviation, landscape and charcoal sketching designs.

John has had a colourful background of experience in the art world. They consist of the Kiwanis Sponsored Art Show for the War Vets; the Elmhurst Art Auction Rotary Fundraiser (proceeds for the Ingersoll Para Transit Bus); Member of the Artists of Oxford County Art Club and was an active part of the Art Rental Program at the Woodstock Art Gallery. He has also sold many works throughout Alberta and England.

John looks for his inspiration from the works of Constable and Monet. His mantra while painting is KISS-keep it simple stupid. When working in his studio, his family and friends can often hear him saying “I’m just dabbling.” Currently, he is retired and enjoys spending more time in his studio. He has also, taken a new interest in photography.

John resides in Ingersoll, Ontario with his wife Carol. He has three children and 6 grandchildren that keep him busy enjoying art on a daily basis. For further information or to reach John Steadman, please contact: steadart@rogers.com










Lianne Todd Watercolour and Digital Artist
Otterville, ON
Lianne Todd was raised on a farm in Delaware Township, ON and formally educated as a biologist (BSc. U. of Waterloo, MSc. U. of Guelph). Her fascination with the natural world is reflected in her art. °She has been exhibiting her watercolours for about thirteen years, beginning her art career in St. Louis, MO, and continuing it in Oxford County, ON. Her art education has included workshops with several international watercolour artists. In addition to watercolours on various surfaces, she has turned to mathematical and digital art for further exploration of the fractal universe. She has helped to organize and promote studio tours like Welcome Back to Otterville and the Oxford Studio Tour, and is a past president of the Artists of Oxford. She has recently joined the International Watercolor Society, editing much of their 2014 catalogue and acting as a branch representative for Canada.
email: naturaliart@yahoo.ca



Mercedes Victoria
Artist Statement
Creating art is a way of expressing what I learn about myself, my life, and the world around me.
It is a continuous journey of uncovering truths and reaching insight. The process begins with a realization which is translated into a concept and finally created and presented as a piece of art. It is my hope that my artwork will then have the ability to reach viewers on a very basic, raw, and honest level. I believe that it is important to work through tough thoughts and emotions that people normally want to ignore. This kind of blocking off can result in pieces of ourselves being locked up and becoming inaccessible, leaving us incomplete. Confronting these topics head on, however, can only make you stronger and deepen your knowledge and understanding of yourself which in turn enriches your life. I want to encourage viewers to step back and see the world and themselves from a different perspective. I hope that by doing this, the viewers will find doors that will show them how life works, develops, and eventually where life can lead them.
Drawing has always been an important part of my life. My introduction to the medium of chalk
pastel has deepened my love of the process that is involved in creating art. Chalk pastel has the unique ability to sink into the depths of a piece of paper that regular pencils cannot obtain, while still offering the power of control because of it’s pencil-like form. There is a fine balance of power with this medium. It has the capability of producing a beautiful range in tone but at the same time is extremely demanding to work with. It requires great attention to detail as well as continual monitoring in order to avoid making a mess on the artwork with the residual dust from the chalk. This push and pull characteristic continually reminds me of life and the insights I am working with; life has great potential and power, but at the same time is extremely delicate and fragile. I approach this process with honesty and from there develop a piece of art that is open and truthful in it’s concept. Most of my chalk pastel drawings are done in a grey scale rather than colour. Working in grey-scale reminds me that my world is not black and white, which constantly impacts the way I approach and translate the concepts I work with.
My current exploration and series of works began as an unconscious study to understand the act of judgement. I became very aware of how I judged myself and slowly began to pull apart the threads of my conclusions. I then turned my attention to how I judge others and how society often creates a biased opinion that then becomes unquestionably accepted by individuals. I used this view point to build on my work in order to explore the act of judging others which encouraged my belief of the world being more than just black and white. Through these drawings, I began to understand how others view me and the process of forming opinions. My current drawings take a very upfront and truthful approach to this topic. They are difficult to ignore as they demand the viewers attention both physically and mentally; there is nothing to distract the viewer from the image conveying this concept. I want this exploration of judgement to be something difficult for the viewers to leave behind because I feel that this important topic needs to be dealt with in order to help reach reasonable conclusions and a solid basis of understanding about ourselves and our world.


Mercedes Victoria-The Admiration of Beauty












Linda Yeoman – My Art Journey

Born, raised and working in small town farming community in southern Ontario – nature, earthy, rusty, yet in my head I am always on a journey to exotic far off places – golden, glittery, shiny, elegant. Hence, creating art that takes me there.

From my farming roots, I start off by growing, drying, and cleaning my own gourds. It is a laborious task, but once their lovely tanned skin is revealed they are ready to be turned into sculptures of nature. There are so many varieties and interesting shapes that I choose to leave them intact as cutting them up would take away from their sculptural beauty. Using acrylic pearlescent inks, metal leafing and acrylic finishes turns them into majestic jewels. Some are simply left with their natural tones as to reveal the markings left by the drying process.

Onto my collages that take me away from the farm on a journey to far off exotic places. By using images of various people and places and incorporating beautiful Japanese washi papers I am planted in this far off land. Many of the fibrous papers are embedded with plant materials that keep them close to nature and home.

Then there are the collages that take me back to remembering what things used to look and be like-the humour in vintage ads and the huge contrast to what things look like and sound like today. Where does that come from? -Born in the 50’s and now living in a new millennium, having experienced the then and now -taking penmanship in school, Beatlemania, psychedelic drugs, disco, platform shoes, and now, the rose gold apple 6s i-phone that can talk! No wonder this all comes out in my art – it is a never ending adventure and the journey continues.

Linda Yeoman

Linda Yeoman-Gourd Sculpture-Natures Embrace


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