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Ineke Rombouts

Artistry in Pottery & Flowers

We are fortunate to have one of our own members, Ineke Rombouts, enhance our exhibition opening receptions with her unique flower arrangements!

As a professional designer, Ineke handcrafts unique pottery and fresh floral arrangements. Rombouts Pottery & Flowers is located at 363988 McBeth rd in Salford. With new items arriving daily at Ineke’s shop, the unique gallery features creative giftware, glass vases, antiques, station soaps, candles, jewellery, Epicure Norwex, Usborne, rustic furniture, baskets, wreaths, and seasonal decorations, kitsch kitchen bags, aprons, and accessories.

Unique gifts to give or to keep!

Rombouts flowers hot art




363988 Mc Beth Rd, Salford, ON N0J1W0
519-425-0206 or 519-5353874

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