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ICAC Class Cancellation Policy
At ICAC, we endeavour to provide you, our members, with high-quality instructors, classes, workshops and facilities. For many years, we have been following a “no refund” policy for our classes and workshops. This is necessary because our instructors must be booked well in advance and they begin planning and purchasing materials in preparation for the class. If we do not have the minimum number of registrants, then we need to cancel the class and risk losing money.
Often, we are required to make this decision early, so that our members have not invested money into materials.
We understand that there are occasionally circumstances that require one of our members to change their plans to attend a class. If we have a waiting list of registrants, then we will try to assist you to find someone to take your place. However, unless there are extenuating circumstances, approved by the executive of the Board, your monies for the class will not be refunded. Of course, if we have to cancel a class, all registrants will receive a refund.