WHO we are:

Painters are diverse in creative expression and levels of skill and development in the visual arts. In a pleasant sociable environment, we encourage and support each other in achieving creative goals, and share information and news of opportunities at the Centre, in the town, and surrounding communities.

WHAT we do:

Studio sessions are open and informal, with no instruction. A painter may offer to demonstrate a technique, or talk about an art-related subject of interest to all.  We may choose an activity, ie. set up a still life for individuals to draw or paint their interpretation in the medium of choice, or we may choose a group project.  Individual creativity is encouraged and all suggestions for individual or group projects are welcome.  Participation in group projects is optional.

WHEN & WHERE we meet:

One designated day and time each week: Thursday, 9:30 am. to 3:00 pm. in the fibre arts studio.  You may bring lunch and stay for the duration, or drop in and out as per your daily schedule. Exception: The first Thursday of each month the fibre arts studio is reserved for the Quilters’ Guild.  That week we meet on Friday, during the same hours.  Thursday is open studio day for all members.  If painters wish to remain after the group meets, or arrive after 3 pm, the rental area is available for use.  Always check in advance with the administrator and/or the website if a workshop or other activity has been scheduled. www.creativeartscentre.com

HOW we do it:

Supplies: Painters bring their own supplies, ie paints, paper, canvas, brushes, drawing tools.  Table covers and water containers in a supply cupboard in the kitchen may be borrowed.

Studio Use : There are plenty of tables for individual’s use, one each, but may use more if working on a large project.  There is no designated table per person.  Tables may be moved, eg. to set up a still life in the centre visible to everyone or if someone is demonstrating and requires a different configuration.  Fabric chairs are to be covered or moved to the side, gray chairs from the rental area to be used.  Plastic covers protect tables and chairs from paint spills or other material which may soil the surfaces.  At the end of each session, each person is responsible for returning tables and chairs and ensuring all surfaces, including the floor and sink area, are left clean and tidy for the next group.  Waste bins are provided and cleaning supplies, mops etc. are kept in the broom cupboard off the kitchen.
These practices are important for the health and safety of everyone. All groups are expected to be respectful of the space, materials, and equipment used by others.
All ICAC members are asked to show appreciation for use of studio space at the Centre by contributing to a ‘toonie box’.
The painters’ box is on the top shelf of the reference library.
These donations help cover expenses associated operating costs.


Painters may participate in the art rental programme. Artwork displayed is for rent or sale to members and/or visitor for approx. 3-4 months . A binder is kept on the library shelf to record individual entries and removal.
It is an easy self -managing system. Works are stored or removed during special events.
The art rental co-ordinator sends timely notices.
The administrator will process any transactions during regular office hours.

All members may submit original works for sale in the gift shop at any time throughout the year.  A binder in the gift shop office outlines the procedure.

Annual (Spring) Members’ Show: Everyone may enter one piece of their recent original work. Artwork may be offered for sale or NFS.
Christmas Market is an annual event. All members may submit as many items as they wish
Solo or group shows: Individuals or small groups who would like to have an exhibition in the front gallery, may apply to the curator who can advise of availability and submission process.
There are no entry fees for exhibitions.  Members set their own selling prices for art.  The Centre retains 25% of all sales.
Workshops : Check the timely programmes for workshops of particular interest to painters.  There are classes in various mediums, levels, and durations.  Instructors are well qualified and fees for ICAC members are reasonable.

There is a reference library in the rental area with a sign out/in booklet.
There are 2 table top easels beside the bookshelves and a bulletin board for posting business cards, invitations, etc.
If you know a painter who is interested in seeing what we do, invite them to join us as a one-time guest.
Kitchen facilities are for everyone’s use.
Coffee, tea , milk, sugar, are available for a few coins in the ‘kitty”. Donations of kitchen and office supplies are always appreciated. Members bring their own lunch/ snacks unless arrangements are made for a workshop or other event.  It is each person’s responsibility to clean and tidy up after each use.
If you have any specific questions or concerns within the group you may bring it to the attention of an acting painters’ representative or to the Board for consideration.
We hope your experience painting with us is a fulfilling and enjoyable one.


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