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Linda Yeoman – My Art Journey

Born, raised and working in small town farming community in southern Ontario – nature, earthy, rusty, yet in my head I am always on a journey to exotic far off places – golden, glittery, shiny, elegant.  Hence, creating art that takes me there.

From my farming roots, I start off by growing, drying, and cleaning my own gourds.  It is a laborious task, but once their lovely tanned skin is revealed they are ready to be turned into sculptures of nature.  There are so many varieties and interesting shapes that I choose to leave them intact as cutting them up would take away from their sculptural beauty.  Using acrylic pearlescent inks, metal leafing and acrylic finishes turns them into majestic jewels.  Some are simply left with their natural tones as to reveal the markings left by the drying process.

Onto my collages that take me away from the farm on a journey to far off exotic places.  By using images of various people and places and incorporating beautiful Japanese washi papers I am planted in this far off land.  Many of the fibrous papers are embedded with plant materials that keep them close to nature and home.

Then there are the collages that take me back to remembering what things used to look and be like-the humour in vintage ads and the huge contrast to what things look like and sound like today.  Where does that come from? -Born in the 50’s and now living in a new millennium, having experienced the then and now -taking penmanship in school, Beatlemania, psychedelic drugs, disco, platform shoes, and now, the rose gold apple 6s i-phone that can talk! No wonder this all comes out in my art – it is a never ending adventure and the journey continues.

Feel free to see my work on : www.facebook.com/LindaYeomanFineArt

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