• ICAC Gallery Presents: “Gesture” Oil Paintings By Pat Gibson

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The Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre Exhibition Gallery will be hosting the work of Pat Gibson from October 15th to November 14th. “Gesture” features a series of 14 abstract oil paintings.

Be sure to stop by the Centre on October 17th between 1:00&4:00 for the grand opening of “Gesture” and to meet Pat Gibson.

Gesture” By Pat Gibson: Online Show

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The Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre presents “Gesture” an Exhibition of oil paintings by Pat Gibson

Artist Bio

Pat Gibson is an artist, art educator, and former Curator of Exhibitions at the Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre. She is co-founder/ co-curator of Oxford County Art Project: Art in Public Spaces. Gibson has exhibited her mixed media work in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout Ontario. Her work is in public and private collections throughout Canada and the USA.

Pat lives and works at her home studio in Woodstock, Ontario. She loves mixed media and has experimented on paper, wood, canvas, photography glass, and mylar with many materials. Layers and transparencies captivate her.

Artist Statment

An invisible breath moves my world. Outside my studio window, the clouds move across the sky, my garden dances to a mysterious rhythm, the water surface on the birdbath ripples, the plants and trees reach for the sun.
This series, created with oil stick scribbles like a gesture drawing, captures fleeting impressions of my continuing fascination with mystery, movement, energy, and light.

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Orchard Blooming

Orchard #1

Orchard #2

Orchard #3

Orchard #4

Cloud Gesture

Cloud Gesture #2

Sunset Quiver #2

Mist Over the Meadow

Reaching for Daylight

Night Passing #2


Sky Dance