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Artists Talk with Eric Atkinson


On Friday, August 22nd from 7-9 pm, the Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre presented Eric Atkinson for an artist talk. Eric Atkinson, an entertaining speaker, author and educator, is also one of the most acknowledged and dynamic artists of London, Ontario.

Eric creates his paintings by working on the studio floor allowing him to approach from all four sides of the canvas.  He is known for his incorporation of sand and inscribed markings into his expressive, abstracted landscape paintings.

Eric Atkinson is 85 years young and was born in a coastal town called West Hartlepool in the county Durham in the northeast of England.

Eric met his wife Muriel in the 1940’s as art students at West Hartlepool College of Art where they shared a composition class instructed by art professor Harry Thubron.

After graduating from Hartlepool College of Art, Eric spent some time in the Military National Service and then graduated from the Royal Academy Schools in London, Piccadilly, London, England.

Eric was the assistant to Harry Thubron at Leeds College of Art before becoming Head of Fine Art Department at Leeds College.

In 1969 Eric and Muriel emigrated to Canada where Eric had been invited to establish an art department at Fanshawe College in London.  He was Dean of the Faculty of Applied Arts at Fanshawe College for ten years and Professor of the Fine Art Department until 1994.

Atkinson’s works have been widely exhibited and collected in Britain, Canada, United States and Europe.


The ICAC was delighted to close the “Joint Efforts” exhibition of collaborative works with the artists talk by Eric Atkinson.

“Joint Efforts” was sponsored by RBC Wealth Management and Fanshawe College.

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