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Sharon Meek
It Begins with the Bean
16 X 20

Sharon Meek – Artist Statement
In my art, I am inspired by nature and colour. There is a freedom in putting brush to canvas and seeing the results become my expression of art at that moment.

Pat Gibson
River with Coffee Cup 2

Mixed Media 6 x 8
Pat Gibson
River with Coffee Cup 2
Mixed Media
Image 6 X 8

Pat Gibson – Artist Statement for River with Coffee Cup 1 and 2
Plastic pollution is like a growing monster that will attack all life forms including us. Twenty-two million pounds of plastic enter the Great Lakes every year. Massive amounts collect on shores and the rest forming huge islands of garbage in all the earth’s oceans. This eventually becomes microplastic which is ingested by sea life. We may be eating and drinking tiny plastic pieces too small to see. Tim Hortons is named as Canada’s top plastic polluters.

Pat Gibson – Biography
Pat Gibson is an artist, art educator, and former Curator of Exhibitions at the Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre. She was co-founder/co-curator of the Oxford County Art Project: Art in Public Spaces. As an Educator, she has taught art classes for adults and children in Woodstock, Ingersoll, London, and Brantford and served as Education Officer for Woodstock Art Gallery. In cooperation with Oxford County School Board and the Ontario Arts Council, she has completed many Creative Artists-in-Schools projects. Gibson has exhibited her mixed media work in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout Ontario. Her award-winning work is in public and private collections throughout Canada and the USA.

Marg Douglas
Beginning My Day
Acrylic on Canvas
14 x 18
Marg Douglas
Beginning Its Journey
Acrylic on canvas
14 x 18

Marg Douglas – Artist Statement
I love coffee! During a trip to Costa Rica a few years ago we toured a coffee plantation. “Coffee beginning it’s journey“ is from that visit. “Coffee beginning my day” reminds me of that special few minutes waking up with my coffee.”

Marg Douglas – Biography
I have loved colour since I had my first crayons and began painting when I was given my first oil paints at age 10. I have always tried to find time to paint or create in a variety of mediums. I have potted, quilted, worked with stained glass, and loved it all but I have to paint! Watercolours, oils, or acrylics all have special challenges and joys. My peaceful times are painting ‘plein air’ while camping. I have taken a lot of classes over the years and this year I have had many painting times during Covid with a granddaughter in North Carolina. Using FaceTime or Zoom we are having a great time. I love painting with the ICAC group – they challenge and inspire!

Linda Trowell
Vintage Brews
Watercolour and coffee
17 x 21

Linda Trowell – Artist Statement for Vintage Brews
There are several theories as to where and when coffee was first discovered. One legend says the goat herder Kaldi (in Ethiopia) first discovered the potential of these beloved beans. The story goes that Kaldi noticed that after eating the berries from a certain tree, his goats became so energetic that they did not want to sleep at night. Since then, man has been preparing and consuming coffee in various ways. Whether perked or dripped, boiled or instant, dark roasted or decaffeinated, each culture and individual claims their way is the most flavourful. I chose watercolour and coffee as the medium to illustrate a nostalgic look at a few of these methods and popular Canadian brands. Hopefully, this will spark a conversation about your favourite vintage brew.

Linda Trowell
Kona Coast
Acrylic on Canvas
28 X 22

Linda Trowell – Artist Statement for Kona Coast
Coffea is a genus of flowering plants in the family Rubiaceae. Coffea species are shrubs or small trees native to tropical and southern Africa and tropical Asia. The coffee tree, scientifically known as Coffea arabica, is native to Abyssinia. The Hawaiian Islands is one of the growers and processors of coffee which is enjoyed around the world. For many, it is our daily ritual. While on vacation there, I toured a coffee plantation and was introduced to Kona coffee. Brilliant and bold acrylic colours seemed the perfect choice to portray the blossoms, berries, and lush vegetation of this plant, against a backdrop of the dramatic black sand beach on the Kona Coast.

Linda J. Trowell AOCA – Biography
Associate Member: SCA CSPWC CARFAC
Born and raised on a farm in Oxford County, at an early age Linda discovered her artistic interests and began to develop her skills.
Her first formal training began at the Ontario College of Art (OCADU) Toronto. After graduating from the 4-year advertising illustration course, Linda worked for many years in advertising and graphic design.
Maintaining an interest in fine art, Linda joined many associations and enjoyed the success of solo and juried group shows. She accepted part-time teaching opportunities, developing unique drawing and painting programs in various media and techniques for all levels, some of which were published.
“I always remained close to my rural roots, which I believe to this day remains a strong influence in my art.”
“On retirement from Canadian Tire Home office, Creative Services in 2000, it seemed only fitting to return to the Ingersoll area, where I reside with my husband”.
As a member of Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre, Linda received the Newell Award for the Centre in 2013 for her contribution as a painters’ representative, art rental coordinator, staffing, and workshop instruction. She headed the committee for the new logo design.
Linda is past Membership Chair and Newsletter Editor for the Central Ontario Art Association and supports many arts organizations and galleries. Her paintings are in public and private collections across Canada.
“I have made many friends through my art and teaching, a rewarding creative journey I hope to continue for a lifetime.”

Linda Hutchison
In the Beginning
Coffee Berries
Watercolour on Canvas
14 X 18

Linda Hutchison – Artists Statement
I do not drink coffee and wanted to envision the theme of this exhibition in a different way. A cup of java begins with coffee berries/coffee cherries and I set out to capture the beauty and vibrancy of this interesting fruit. It’s the seeds (beans) inside the coffee berries that are roasted and ground to make coffee.

Deb Tait
Foffee and a Fuffin
11 x 13

Deb Tait – Biography

  • Diploma in Design Program (Graphic and Advertising Design Option) from Conestoga
    College, Kitchener, Ontario.
  • Worked at Integrated Graphics in Stratford, Ontario.
  • Took Watercolour and Life Drawing Classes at Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre.
  • Participated in five group shows at the ICAC.

Deb Tait – Artist Statement
The challenge to produce art about coffee is an exercise in taking something common and have it speak to us in a meaningful and perhaps touching way. The year 2020 has made the simple joy of “having coffee” with a loved one or friend a distancing experience, or a postponed one. I have chosen to remember fondly the connection with a grandchild.

Heather MacIntosh
Oil and Cold Wax Medium
on Masonite Panel, unframed, wired for hanging
10 X 10

Heather MacIntosh – Artist Statement

When the subject of coffee comes up, I relate to the symbol of the classic mug, the sensation of warmth, the start of a new day. There is also the sensory of a smell like no other and visual richness of color of the brew, enhanced with milk. These statements are what inspired my painting.

Heather MacIntosh – Biography
I am a painter who is very excited about the process of creating and the end product is not the priority. It is the process of painting that lights me up. I do considerable planning and thinking of concepts before starting to paint. Somewhere during the making of the painting, I find my way and what I want to say.

As a mature artist, I have been more and more intrigued and captivated by abstract and impressionist art, rather than representational. I strive to paint in a style that walks the edge between representational and abstract. I tend to want my paintings to suggest rather than explain the content or narrative.

I am an Associate of the Ontario College of Art, an award-winning artist, and past Administrator of the Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre. I have been a practicing artist for 25 years and exhibited in numerous group and juried exhibitions. I have also shown my work at galleries in South Western Ontario and have been honoured to receive a few awards for my paintings.

Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre Members Exhibition Viewers Choice Award 2018
Paint Ontario – Honourable Mention 2007
Nominated for Joan Chalmers Award for Arts Administration 1996
Woodstock Art Gallery Juried Exhibition – Juror’s Choice 1995 & 1991

Glenhurst Art Gallery Juried Exhibition – Honorable Mention
Instagram- heather.macintoshart

Deb Riopelle
Coffee for One
12 X 16

Deb Riopelle
16 x 20
Deb Riopelle
Java Bouquet
Watercolour and Coffee
7 x 14

Deb Riopelle – Artist Statement
Having a passion for the outdoors, nature and nostalgia opened my mind to painting subjects and compositions all around me. I am inspired by colour, shadows, reflections, movement to include sound, thus prefer to paint outdoors or on location. My subsequent desire to continue my artistic education has found me studying with many inspiring artists from around the world and I am thrilled with my progress because of them. I am proud to exhibit my art in all regions of my Community. I have participated in several juried shows over the years and have exhibited many times, at Paint Ontario in Grand Bend, Hamilton Art Gallery, Etobicoke Civic Center Art Gallery, to name a few. I belong to the Ingersoll Creative Art Centre, Oxford Creative Connections, and Central Ontario art Association, where I am encouraged by my peers and we share in our accomplishments.

Deb Riopelle – Biography
Deb was born and raised in a small town in Northern Ontario called Kapuskasing. She has always been a nature lover and dabbled in art as a teenager quite successfully. Later, once she turned 50, Deb reunited her love of nature and art, and there was no turning back.

Since then, Deb has participated and exhibited in several juried shows over the years. You can see her work at Paint Ontario in Grand Bend, Hamilton Art Gallery, Etobicoke Civic Center Art Gallery, Dundas Museum, Annandale House, Station Art Center, to name a few.

Being a member of the Ingersoll Creative Art Centre, Oxford Creative Connections, and Central Ontario art Association, is where Deb is encouraged by her peers. “We share in our accomplishments and have a great relaxing time creating our art”.


Deb Campbell
Coffee Beans
15 x 13
Deb Campbell
Cafe Fourmi
Mixed Media
20 X 16
Deb Campbell
China Cups
Digital Painting
14 x 12

Deb Campbell – Artist Statement
My creativity is expressed through painting and drawing. Painting being my serious side, cartoons being my fun side. Both methods enable me to express my vision of the world as only I can see it. My art gives you a glimpse into my world.

Deb Campbell – Biography
Deb loves to draw cartoons sometimes combining them with photographs to create fun and interesting pictures. ‘Ants’ as she calls them, are one of her creations, which started from doodling in her notebooks in high school. They have evolved and now include other woodland creatures. 

She has written two children’s books, “The Ants, the Bees, the Spiders with Knees” and “No More Biting!”, which she also illustrated. She was inspired to create the first book after being the artist in residence last summer for the Oxford County Library. Her ‘bugs’ were featured in the summer reading program “The Natural World’. The second book is also about bugs, this one features a mosquito who must learn to stop biting if she wants to make friends.

Deb also has a serious side and expresses this through painting. She has painted a few local historical sites including the bridge and gazebo in Memorial Park as well as the old Carnegie library and the old train station for which she won the Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre people’s choice awards. She also enjoys painting landscapes, seascapes, pet portraits and has completed several commissions. 

Digital art is another one of her interests, mostly cartoons, which she posts frequently on social media. They make people smile and that’s a great inspiration to keep her creating. They can be viewed on Facebook and Instagram under ‘antsbydeb’, as well as her website: antsbydeb.com.

Jim Wilford
First Coffee (of the day)
Sharpie and coloured markers on prepared canvas
24 X 24
Jim Wilford
Coffee and Donuts
Sharpie magic marker on prepared canvas
18 X 24

Jim Wilford – Artist Statement
I have long wanted to experiment with pushing the boundaries of simple lines and stripes and Coffee and Donuts is the somewhat psychedelic outcome. First Coffee came to me as a light-hearted, fun idea. After all, we all need a little giggle and I hope this piece does that for you.

Jim Wilford – Biography
Jim Wilford grew up on a farm on Salford Road and attended Mt. Elgin High School. He was a teacher in the Windsor area from 1950 to 1988, obtaining a specialist certificate in art in 1956. Jim married in 1959, has three children, 9 grandchildren, and 1 great-grandchild. Jim started quilting in 1991 and has been a CQA-ACC member since 1992.