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Christmas Sale 2016


Information Handout for Members of the ICAC

Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre presents:


Christmas Show & Sale


Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre, 125 Centennial Lane, P.O.Box 384, Ingersoll, Ontario

N5C 3V3 (519) 485-4691

POTENTIALLY November 18th and 19th

Read carefully and keep this for reference

The Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre has one of the biggest and best Christmas Sales in Oxford County. Members of the ICAC volunteer to staff and organize this fundraising event. Our members create original, superior, arts and crafts to sell at this event, along with selected invited vendors. All items must be made by vendors.

Sales Tax and Cash Table

Any vendor required to charge tax must incorporate it into their price. The Centre will not be charging tax at the Christmas Sale. All sales go through a main cash table staffed by ICAC volunteers. Customers may pay for their purchases with cheque, debit card, credit card or cash. A receipt will be given to each customer at the sales desk. The Centre will retain 25% commission of the ticketed prices.

Vendor Inventory Sheets and Price Tags

Sales will be calculated by means of inventory listed on your Vendor Sheet. Everyone must register for the sale who intends to participate. The Master Vendor Sign-up Sheet will be posted in the Painters Room at the ICAC.

This year we are consolidating the Vendor ID from the Gift Shop and the Vendor ID for the Christmas Sale. If you already have a Gift Shop Vendor ID it will be given precedence over a member who does not have a Gift Shop ID. In addition all item numbers must begin with the number 6, for example 61 indicates your first item. Similarly item 661 will indicate that the vendor has 61 items listed. The number 6 will indicate that items are part of the inventory for Deck the Halls 2016.

All Vendors must use the provided inventory sheets.

Fill in the first three columns only.

Every item must be listed on a separate line.

Your price tags must be clearly marked with your vendor ID, the item number and the price.

All price tags must be firmly affixed to your sale article. This may mean pinning a tag onto Fabric Art.

Donated items, 100% of the proceeds to ICAC, are to be listed on the separate donation sheet. A volunteer will assist with the check in of all donated items.

Set Up

Set up for the sale will begin some time in the week before the sale date.

Outside vendors -Contact the Centre for information

Inventory Check In

Articles for the sale will be accepted in the week before the sale. When you arrive, your inventory will be checked against your prepared inventory sheet by an assigned volunteer, who will retain the original inventory sheet and make a copy of this sheet for your own use.

No Inventory will be accepted through the office at ICAC. All inventory sheets must be initialled by a volunteer accredited by committee. If you are unable to bring your product at the designated time then you may arrange an appointment through one of the following committee members;

Release Note

The ICAC will not be responsible for loss or damage to articles, although we will exercise every precaution to ensure that accidents don’t happen. Items for sale should be recent work. Customers will be looking for unique, original, superior quality items.

Unsold Items

Members have the opportunity to leave all unsold items for the continued mini version of the sale taking place in the gallery a few days after the sale. 

Before removing your unsold items from the building, an inventory clerk will check your remaining inventory with your vendor sheet and the calculations will be completed. These figures are checked with the sales receipts and when approved you can remove your items from the Creative Arts Centre. Please be patient and allow time for the closing procedures to be completed.

If you do not wish to leave your items for the mini sale, the inventory will be checked the day after the sale and will need to be removed from the building by the following Monday.

Click the link for printable info handout information-handout-for-members-of-the-icac

Click the link for printable silent auction donation forms silent-auction-donation-receipt-form