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This month we are showcasing the work of Reta Budd, fibre and watercolour artist.

To view Reta’s work visit the Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre Monday to Friday 9-2:30. If you wish to purchase a piece you see online please contact the Art Admin at 519-485-4691 or by email at ingersollcreativearts@gmail.com.

Reta is graciously donating all proceeds back to the Art Centre.


Abundance Fibre Art – Reta Budd
Not for Sale

Abundance 2 Watercolour – Reta Budd
Not for Sale

Two versions of her “Abundance” piece done in Fibre Arts and Watercolour.

Reta Budd – Biography

Reta Budd standing next to her artwork

Reta Budd is one of Canada’s pioneers in the field of textile arts. Reta’s deep spirituality and love of Nature, especially trees, is translated into her fibre work.  She has developed techniques and used materials that set her work a cut above.  Nature speaks, Reta listens and passes on the message igniting a sense of wonder in viewers.  

 A prolific and gifted landscape quilt artist, she has also poured her creative energy into millenary, clothing, and oil painting.  Her art quilts have been juried into prestigious shows at the local, provincial and national levels, winning ribbons, awards for excellence and selected for viewer’s choice.  Reta’s work has been displayed at the R.O.M., travelled across Canada and the United States, and published in books and magazines reaching a worldwide audience. In 2010, Reta received the NEWELL AWARD for her outstanding contribution to Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre.

Reta has taught classes across the province. Through students whom she touched and influenced, her invisible legacy thrives as many of her students become well-known fibre artists who pass the wisdom and skills imparted by Reta along to their own students.  A founding member of the Fibre Arts Bunch at the Centre, Reta continues to be an invaluable mentor.  Her eye for colour, composition, texture, and embellishment has benefited all our members over the years. Reta’s artworks are slices of her soul and we are all fortunate to have her touch our lives.

Members will have a chance to display their two-dimensional artwork for approximately 2 months at a time. Work will be featured on ICAC`s website and on Friendly Fridays. If you are interested please contact Pat Gibson at 519 539-5403 or patgibson@execulink.com.