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 June  – September 2013
Woodstock District Community Complex

As an art teacher with the Windsor Board of Education, JIM WILFORD, worked in a variety of media, however, in 1991 Jim seriously started quilting.  He stated “I’ve done a lot of things in the art field, printing, pottery, weaving but I’m still attracted to quilt making. I’ve travelled across Canada, taught at the National quilt conference, met many people. All this through quilting. 

Jim, an Ingersoll resident, is currently a member of the Oxford Quilters Guild.  Over his twenty plus year quilting career, Jim has been a part of six or seven quilter’s guilds.  He has taken over 70 workshops at local guilds and the Canadian Quilt Association Conferences.  For the last 10 years he has been a sought after teacher at both local guilds and conferences across Canada.

BUTTERFLY WING is a work which stems from my painting background.  As a quilter, I did not want to use fabric as a canvas for painting but wanted to stick with piecing and appliqué to achieve results.  Each piece of fabric represents a brush stroke of a painting.  The pieces are fused appliqué with zig-zag free motion machine quilting.  When a butterfly wing is examined under a microscope, it looks like shingles on a roof and this led to what I was trying to achieve

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