• Annual Members’ Exhibition 2019

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Margaret Charron’s “September Song” Watercolour & Pencil $350.00
Sue Rayner’s “Naked” pottery $65.00

Kathy Dolan’s “Early One Morning” Pastel $750.00
Viewers Choice Award
Jacquie Poole’s “New Zealand Sketches” Mixed Media Drawing N.F.S.
Pat Gibson’s “Pond Rhythms” Oil on Mylar $850.00
Lorraine Stevens’ “Tango Tiles” Quilt N.F.S.
Pat Palmer’s “When the Wind Blows” Felting N.F.S.
Susan Florian’s “Final Aria” Acrylic on Board N.F.S.
Viewers Choice Award
Mary Ann Rich’s “Nairnia: Through the Wardrobe” Mixed Media N.F.S.
Maureen Shier’s “Nature’s Embrace” Pastels $600.00
Viewers Choice Award
Audrianna DeSouza’s “Lady Amherst 45” Assemblage $145.00
Linda Ridley’s “Our Backyard Neighbours” Thread Painting N.F.S.
Lynda Williams’ “Tranquility” Fabric, Thread, Yarn, Rovings N.F.S.
Craft Ontario Affiliate Award 2019 – Honourable Mention
Viewers Choice Award
Sue Simpson’s “Snow in the Valley”
Marilyn Stewart’s “Inuit Girl” Fabric N.F.S.
Rosemary Lewis’ “Octopus mototi teapot, Cone 6 clay, slip, glazes $75.00
Keith Lewis’ Ash glaze bowl, Cone 6 clay, sprayed glazes $200.00
Jeff Lounsbury’s Blue vase Stoneware $40.00
Deb Riopelle’s “Tap Dance” Watercolour $325.00
Linda Trowell’s “A Peaceful Place” Watercolur $300.00
Doris Losee’s “Sunset on Gull Lake” Acrylic $1200.00
Linda Yeoman’s “Strutting Their Stuff” Mixed media collage $300.00
Deb Campbell’s “Carnegie Library” Acrylic N.F.S.
Viewers Choice Award
Linda Dineen’s “Twirling” Fibre Art N.F.S.
Kate Innes’ “Red Sky at Night” Acrylic $800.00
Allyson MacDonald’s “Finally” Stoneware N.F.S.
Vonnie Snyder’s “Swan Sanctuary” Acrylic $385.00
Dave Skinner’s “New Beginnings” Acrylic N.F.S.
D.K. Campbell’s “Winter on the 41st Line” Photography $295.00
Donna Vamos’ “Frog in the Fiddleheads” Felted wool $50.00
Phoebe Campbell’s “Bobby” Clay Pottery $150.00
Lorna Bruggeman’s “Memories of Manitoba” Ceramic N.F.S.
Ann Duwyn’s “Sunny Days” Acrylic on Canvas $300.00
Judi Boodhoo’s “Mittens on the Move” Rug Hooking N.F.S.
Ruth Hartley’s “Beddy-Byes” Clay Sculpture N.F.S.
Bruce Hartley’s “Within the Walls” Photography $250.00
Jim Wilford’s “70 Shades of Gray” Quilt N.F.S.
Viewers Choice Award

Alayne Brisson’s “Spring Tulip” framed Print $140.00
Ann-Marie Duwyn-Zylstra’s “Emerge” Acrylic $200.00
Gladys Bidner’s “Winter Wonderland” Quilt $1000.00
Yvonne Jeavons’ “Sea Oats” Clay $40.00
Christine Thammavongsa’s “All Washed Up” Mixed Media $300.00
Susan Fenlon’s “And Finally Spring” Acrylic on Cradled Board $250.00
Debbie Tait’s “Once a Tree” Acrylic $125.00
Linda Hutchison’s “Excitement” Watercolour $225.00
Irma Makariunaite’s “Fragments from the Past” Photographic transfer with Acrylic N.F.S.
Tracy Robinson’s “Mother” Porcelain $110.00
WINNER of Craft Ontario Affiliate Award 2019
Paulette Robertson’s “Bobble Heads” Raku Clay, Hand Built $300.00