Membership based instruction oriented visual arts organization

Annual Members’ Exhibition 2019

Margaret Charron’s “September Song” Watercolour & Pencil $350.00
Sue Rayner’s “Naked” pottery $65.00

Kathy Dolan’s “Early One Morning” Pastel $750.00
Jacquie Poole’s “New Zealand Sketches” Mixed Media Drawing N.F.S.
Pat Gibson’s “Pond Rhythms” Oil on Mylar $850.00
Lorraine Stevens’ “Tango Tiles” Quilt N.F.S.
Pat Palmer’s “When the Wind Blows” Felting N.F.S.
Susan Florian’s “Final Aria” Acrylic on Board N.F.S.
Mary Ann Rich’s “Nairnia: Through the Wardrobe” Mixed Media N.F.S.
Maureen Shier’s “Nature’s Embrace” Pastels $600.00
Audrianna DeSouza’s “Lady Amherst 45” Assemblage $145.00
Linda Ridley’s “Our Backyard Neighbours” Thread Painting N.F.S.
Lynda Williams’ “Tranquility” Fabric, Thread, Yarn, Rovings N.F.S.
Sue Simpson’s “Snow in the Valley”
Marilyn Stewart’s “Inuit Girl” Fabric N.F.S.
Rosemary Lewis’ “Octopus mototi teapot, Cone 6 clay, slip, glazes $75.00
Keith Lewis’ Ash glaze bowl, Cone 6 clay, sprayed glazes $200.00
Jeff Lounsbury’s Blue vase Stoneware $40.00
Deb Riopelle’s “Tap Dance” Watercolour $325.00
Linda Trowell’s “A Peaceful Place” Watercolur $300.00
Doris Losee’s “Sunset on Gull Lake” Acrylic $1200.00
Linda Yeoman’s “Strutting Their Stuff” Mixed media collage $300.00
Deb Campbell’s “Carnegie Library” Acrylic N.F.S.
Linda Dineen’s “Twirling” Fibre Art N.F.S.
Kate Innes’ “Red Sky at Night” Acrylic $800.00
Allyson MacDonald’s “Finally” Stoneware N.F.S.
Vonnie Snyder’s “Swan Sanctuary” Acrylic $385.00
Dave Skinner’s “New Beginnings” Acrylic N.F.S.
D.K. Campbell’s “Winter on the 41st Line” Photography $295.00
Donna Vamos’ “Frog in the Fiddleheads” Felted wool $50.00
Phoebe Campbell’s “Bobby” Clay Pottery $150.00
Lorna Bruggeman’s “Memories of Manitoba” Ceramic N.F.S.
Ann Duwyn’s “Sunny Days” Acrylic on Canvas $300.00
Judi Boodhoo’s “Mittens on the Move” Rug Hooking N.F.S.
Ruth Hartley’s “Beddy-Byes” Clay Sculpture N.F.S.
Bruce Hartley’s “Within the Walls” Photography $250.00
Jim Wilford’s “70 Shades of Gray” Quilt N.F.S.

Alayne Brisson’s “Spring Tulip” framed Print $140.00
Ann-Marie Duwyn-Zylstra’s “Emerge” Acrylic $200.00
Gladys Bidner’s “Winter Wonderland” Quilt $1000.00
Yvonne Jeavons’ “Sea Oats” Clay $40.00
Christine Thammavongsa’s “All Washed Up” Mixed Media $300.00
Susan Fenlon’s “And Finally Spring” Acrylic on Cradled Board $250.00
Debbie Tait’s “Once a Tree” Acrylic $125.00
Linda Hutchison’s “Excitement” Watercolour $225.00
Irma Makariunaite’s “Fragments from the Past” Photographic transfer with Acrylic N.F.S.
Tracy Robinson’s “Mother” Porcelain $110.00
WINNER of Craft Ontario Affiliate Award 2019
Paulette Robertson’s “Bobble Heads” Raku Clay, Hand Built $300.00